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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teddy Goes To In And Out Burger

it was a beautiful cool Fall afternoon and we decided to take Teddy to his favorite place. In and Out Burger...out here on the west coast it is VERY popular...everybody LOVES In and Out Burger...

there is ALWAYS a line at the drive-thru... no matter what time of day it is...

that's it...that's the menu...burgers, fries and a drink...

teddy seemed pretty excited about it at first...

there's the loot... just look at that...see the cheese dripping ? i have no business ordering this...what an artery buster... if we are doing drive-thru i would prefer taco bell...but there is nothing there for teddy...so it's In and Out....

here ya go teddy...ahhh...they forgot the cheese...

do you like it teddy ? are you unhappy because it doesn't have the cheese ?

here's mommys burger... no sauce or onion...just like mommy always orders them... do you want a bite of mommy's?


mommy will take a bite then...it's pretty good teddy....

huh? well...i guess you're just not interested in it today...that's o.k. just take a little nap...

we always park in the same spot... down below is a graveyard..and looking out is avila beach...cloudy and cold today though...

did we REALLY eat all that... ( i tossed my french fries to the sea gulls...i just couldn't eat any more )

oh teddy !!! you're up !!! did you here us start the car ?

we are going to take you for a car ride....

we drive here with teddy several times a week...it is avila beach. today the beach was empty..in the summer you couldn't wedge another body on that sand... but i'm not a beach person...i don't even get out of the car...

we took a ride down see canyon road to GOPHER GLEN APPLE FARM... one of my most favorite places... the hamburger is wrapped in paper on the dashboard....and Teddy STILL hasn't eaten it...sealed lips for dinner on it..and sealed lips for breakfast this morning... and i even heated it up !

here we are...GOPHER GLEN....

let's go inside and see what they have today.... do you want a bite of apple teddy? probably not...

maybe i'll make caramel apples for tonight...


  1. oh how cute! my teddy would not hesitate for a second. neither would i! they look like good burgers. i had no idea they have such a limited menu! they sure are cheap too.

  2. Oh dogs usually love apples! They are good treats for them! Hope he'll change his mind ;) What a great trip! You guys have a beautiful place to live!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Was Teddy sick? Did he have an upset stomach? I can't imagine a dog passing up IN & OUT!!! I hope he is ok. Thank you for the well wishes.

  4. Love the name of the place..when you are in a hurry:) What a feast for Teddy:)
    Caramel apples..Nami .that would be the treat for us;)

  5. We don't have In and Out here. Next time I'm in California I'll have to seek one out. They do look delicious. I think Teddy probably wanted his with all the trimmings!!


  6. Oh Kary, this post brought such a smile to my face! Teddy has very good manners, I don't think Duke would leave the burger sitting on the dash, especially if he knew it was his! LOL!!!

    I'd also, thank you for your kind words about my mom, she will be forever missed and in our hearts.

  7. Me and the poppy are loving this.
    We have to take Emma!
    I think Teddy just wants ground sirlon is all
    A little man with taste!
    donkeys in the pines

  8. Is Teddy Vegetarian?! An In and Out Burger of all things! I've heard much about them but have yet to try it. I suspect if someone put one infront of my face, I'd take a bite. :)

  9. what a sweetheart,, hope Teddy was just not hungry,, the prices are great on those fries and burgers,, they look really good, beautiful photos,,

  10. This reminds me of our Five Guys burgers here in Florida.

    Teddy is way cute.

    We looked up the In and Out Burgers online to check them out. They are only in the west.

    xoxo to you both.

  11. Does Teddy have a fever or something. I can't think of any 2-legged or 4-legged fur child that might turn that burger down. He might be just picky today. Our dogs love a little riding adventure too. Love the apple farm.

  12. Hi Kary and Teddy-really you are making me miss In-n-Out burger. It is truly a Ca. thing. Loved seeing the farm; I'm not sure that Reggie wouldn't retrieve the burger though. Enjoy your afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  13. I love the new pic with the witch pitcher. Those burgers looked so good...off to make dinner!

  14. What a fun car ride for Teddy!
    I have never been to a In and Out Burger, but it looks and sounds yummy!

  15. When I told our dogs Maggie and Jack this story about Teddy's trip to get a burger and how he wouldn't eat it, they said it was probably just like the time they wouldn't eat their's from The Golden Arches....there was a hair in their burger and it gagged them!

  16. is he not well? my dogs would have eaten my fingers to get into that!

  17. Annie and Mazzy would have that burger gone in a second. However they do prefer fish sandwiches with mayo and then they want their doggie ice cream sundae. Do we all have spoiled puppies or what. Loved the post!

  18. I have heard of the In and Out Burger. They are very yummy I've been told. Maybe you should send me Teddy's burger.. What a good little boy!!

  19. Your post on In-N-Out Burger made my mouth start to water; those cheeseburger pics looked soooo delicious. I imagine that Teddy did eventually enjoy his burger, a very fine doggie treat.

  20. Cheeseburger and fries are my 'guilty pleasure' and I have to admit, I couldn't really focus on your post because I kept looking at that delicious looking cheeseburger and fries!! :-))

    I do love apples though!!

  21. What a fun day.. and such a great lunch date!!! Now I'm hungry!
    Have a fantastic week.

  22. I would be glad to take Teddy's burger!!!

  23. Teddy does look happy! we have a place like that here, it's just a road side food stand but it's in BIG demand. It's all about the food, everything perfect.

    :-} Lorraine

  24. The one time I was in California for 4 days everyone told me I had to get a burger and In N Out. So we did! Yum! The line was sooo long but it moved really fast! Yours is making my mouth water!

  25. Now I'm hungry.....again.

    The lab thinks Teddy is off his rocker not eating that burger.

    she also thinks he's pretty cute.

    xo Jane

  26. what's wrong with Teddy not eating his burger... I know one little dog who would never have let it get away!! and that's my little Holly... she loves a drive in the sunshine too... you're so lucky to be where you are, I miss the west coast and will be over some time soon!... much love, Dom x

  27. I hope Teddy finally enjoyed his burger!

    It looks like you had a fun afternoon. The scenery is beautiful!

  28. GREAT photos of darling Teddy and such a happy post! LOVED it Kary!

  29. How funny. We don't have In/Out here but I know a lot of people like them.
    Did you get some apples???


  30. How fun! We don't have In/Out here but I know alot of people like them.


  31. Thankyou for sharing those wonderful photos of Teddy!!
    He is such a gorgeous boy, beautiful colour! So reminds me of Logan now hes a bit more grown up (Logan is i mean!)
    And a dainty eater too by the sounds of things!But how he could resist those yummy but wicked burgers i do not know!
    Gill xx

  32. Oh Kary, you are so funny! This was such a fun post. What's up with the Tedmeister not wanting even a little taste?


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