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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Scent of Sweet Peas

I have to tell you. It's 80 degrees out in my garden today.I won't mention it again. Promise. I went to Farm Supply yesterday afternoon and bought a bunch of sweet pea seeds. I like to soak them overnight because the seeds are so hard. The package said on the back that in my area they can be planted before St. Patrick's Day. Last year I had the whole fence coming up the pathway to the house in sweet peas. And I am doing it again this year. When you walked in the gate on an early summer afternoon you were greeted with the scent of sweet peas. AAhhhh. I planted all differnet kinds. Wedding Blush, High Scent, Streamers Mix,Sweet Dreams Mix,Cupani,Singing The Blues, Butterfly,Miss Willmott,Old Spice Mix and Painted Lady.

My gardening tool is my wooden spoon from the kitchen. The handle is the perfect thing. I just pick a spot, start poking holes with the spoon and drop in a seed. Some sweet peas all already up . They must have re-seeded from last years garden. I also planted some Dahlias. I got the big ones called Dinnerplate. I had them last year and they were HUGE. I planted the bulbs, not the plants.Put in alot of soft pink and lilac colored ones.The yellow were already sold out. Might have to try another nursery. I just love how old fashion they look in the garden in summer.

Soaking more sweet peas tonight..so you know what that means for tomorrow.....