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Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Dreaming

Along with the sack of ice and sunscreen..I got this. I'm not opening it till it rains.

We'll Be Reaching A High Of 89 Degrees Today

What did he just say? Did he say we will be reachig a high of 89 degrees.I think he did. Please NO. It is the second day of November out here on the Central Coast of California and I have the fan on. And I'm not happy about it either. It's Fall. We turned the clocks back Saturday night. I was at Scolaris this morning in my pajamas at five minutes past seven buying a sack of ice, a carton of neopolitan ice cream, hamburger ( hello..PETA) amercian cheese, corn on the cob and a can of beans. You see....we're sitting OUTSIDE bbqing tonight.

We are on Day 3 of the Heat Wave. And I give up. I am shifting back into summer mode. What else can I do? I'm tired of trying to pretend that we are in Fall. My pilgrim and turkey candles are literally melting in the sun. Had to move 'em out of the kitchen window. I made rolls last night to make some beef dip sandwhiches...from the leftover of that motherlode of a prime rib. When I bought it I didn't even look to see how many pounds it was. It was 7 pounds. SEVEN. That's ALOT O' BEEF...Even Buddy ....our toy poodle is starting to get burnt out on it. The first couple of days he loved it. Tried some more for his Birthday breakfast this morning. He turns 14 today. Nose turned up.Lips sealed shut. Head turned. Eyes rolled to the side.Nope. He's sick of it. I am thinking maybe tostados tomorrow night. With the leftover beef bonanza. But tonight we are BBQING...in the garden. That's what we're having. BBQed hamburgers on the rolls I made. Corn on the cob and a can of "Trail Camp" beans..... No stew. No pot roast. No soup. No stuffed and baked chicken. No pasta bake.No chili. ......BBQ

At least it will be dark.