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Friday, August 14, 2009

Two More Of My Beloved

I'm spending the weekend with Jamie....I Know....Lucky me ! (the book version..I can only wish of the real life version)

Any Excuse

As you will soon see...we use any excuse we can around here to make pizza. I have been making pizza dough for 30+ years..I started making it in high school. And I have never stopped. I sometimes wonder to myself..is this the one millionth time and I don't even know it. ( I think about that when I buy cat food too..is it the 10 millionth can and I don't even know it) ! Pizza is my favorite food, my "last meal" "the ship is sinking", "stranded on a desert island and can only have one food" food. So tonight, in honor of the last quarter of the August moon..we will be having pizza. Last night at the party my sister-in-law brought a basil plant for my brother, and as they are gone camping for a while, I am "babysitting". Which means..lucky for me...fresh basil on the pizza..with some of the leftover fresh mozzarella(bought too much..Oh, darn) and some fontina I got at a fancy cheese shop that I have been sandbagging until the moment was right. And tonight...the moment is right.

Birthday Night

Well, we had the 4oth birthday party...and we had a lot of fun.

We sat outside under the arbor..it was 90 degrees here yesterday..but by 5:30 it was just perfect. We drank cold beer and had almonds, olives, gouda and crackers.

The days are getting shorter, so as it started to get dark we moved indoors and started with a mozzarella and tomato salad..the tomtoes were from our garden and they are so good. After the salad I had John start the bbq and for dinner we had bbqed wild Alaskan salmon. I served the fish on top of mashed potatoes that were finished off with olive oil then topped the fish with an herb sauce that I got out of Alfred Portale. And for dessert, birthday cake . Devil's food with a seven minute frosting. It was a fun family evening...just wish we did it more often.