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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Teddy ! ! !

I got this picture today of Teddy...there he is...isn't he adorable? Look at his tail. Curled all the way up. I still have not seen him in person, Valerie sent me the picture this morning...The other lady there is adopting the little girl she named Frenchie. That's Teddy's sister. Look at that sweet face..can you take it? I can't stop looking at him. I am IN LOVE. What a little love bug.
Only 10 days to go. Who me? Counting the days. Really?

I Still Have Ham

I'm still going over here on that ham. It is almost over. I am just about down to the bone. Finally. I won't be buying a ham again for a very long time. Maybe never. But, since I am trying to make the best of it and I don't want to waste food...I thought, now what. So it was pasta.
Simple. I sauteed some mushrooms, added some peas and spinach till it wilted down. Then I added some heavy cream ( I know ) and salt and pepper.Diced the HAM and added it in. Boiled up some pasta. Cooked it and added to the skillet along with a nice splash of cooking water. Then I just finished it off with some good parmesan. And it was good. But we are really tired of HAM. Wish I could mail some out.