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Monday, May 10, 2010

3 Weeks With Teddy

Look at that little face. Man, is he ever hard to get a picture of...he is moving so fast. I told Octoberfarm trying to get a picture is like trying to nail jello to the wall. See the Halloween blankie? I know you do. I opened the linen closet the other day and he jumped on that and he was off in a flash...blankie following behind like a kite.
See the tail? It is ALWAYS up and curled. So we know he is happy.

This is blurry, but still so cute.

Tail up and wagging, Halloween blankie on the couch..and if you look really close you can see his piece of cheese. White Sharp Cheddar. Dosen't seem to want to eat it. Just likes to carry it around.

Those mocassins of mommys are really fun to chew on. The house looks like a homeless camp. Blankets, pillows, rugs, flip flops,slippers, pajama bottoms all strewn around the house.And the wee-wee pads. Those are alot of fun too....just grab a corner and you're off like the wind.
So I've let it go. We are in puppyhood mode around here...so it is what it is. And somebody loves to watch the Lakers with daddy. Big game tonight. We are making BLT sandwhiches and a mozzarella caprese salad...tomato overload...Oh, yeah, and sneaking in some tater tots too. Teddy says GO Lakers !!!