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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I don't even know why I started blogging. And when you mention blogging to "non-bloggers" you are usually met with a blank stare. But I have to tell you...I have been amazed by all of the KINDNESS that is in this blogworld. Today was another LUCKY DAY for me. Look what a pleasant surprise I received in the mail. Rachel from Mozart's Girl sent me this sweet little book from the other side of the world. All of you know about Buddy and now Teddy.

Rachel took the time to find this little book, wrap it up, write a treasured note, go to the post office, stand in line, mail this off...all for a person she has never even seen. But even though we have never met in person..we have a bond...a friendship..we understand each other...I feel this way about all of you...you have brought unexpected happiness and love into my world. And it means the world to me. Thank you Rachel....my heart is filled with gratitude and love. Another treasured friend I have been lucky enough to meet....in blogland.