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Sunday, November 7, 2010


we thought about moving. but decided to stay. for now. it feels like Big Sur in here at night as we watch the days grow shorter. we lit the whole house by candles last night, played Christmas music, warmed ourselves by the woodburning fire, smelled oakwood, listened to the crackle and pop of the fire and the creak of the stairs...the same creak they make every night at sunset. i always wonder why...and smile. we sipped pinot noir and nibbled on nuts. we wrapped ourselves in sweaters and scarves and strolled up Chorro street....listening to the hoot of the owl that sits in the pine tree by our kitchen door, we slipped inside MEE HUNG LOW for a bowl of warm noodles. jazz music floated in the air. a band was playing up in the loft. jazz in a chinese restaurant. we didn't ask. we listened. people had their dogs with them . on their laps. feeding them noodles. it made us smile. we wished we had Teddy. next time. we walked home in the dark. we saw 3 houses with Christmas lights. we smiled... again ....as we strolled towards HOME.