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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rainy Night In Little Italy

It is raining here today in San Luis Obispo. But my heart is in Little Italy....San Francisco.

i want to be right downtown..... with the sound of cablecars clackity clacking along the tracks...pigeons cooing from the rooftops,rain soflty falling, and the sweet scent of pastry wafting from the italian bakeries....

after i posted about that bakery, all thoughts went to being there. in The City as we call it out here in california. today i am pretending that i am in little italy in a small upastairs tiny apartment. i have just made my way home from the molinaris deli down on columbus avenue and have bought a couple of cans of San Marzano tomatoes and a nice big piece of parmesano reggiano cheese. for the sauce i will simply saute up some yellow onions and celery in olive oil, add the tomatoes, a little chicken stock,some thyme,parsely and oregano that is coming up all over in the garden and let the whole thing simmer gently on my stovetop. just before serving it I will add a nice big dollop of soft organic butter from petuluma..just up the coast..making sure it barely melts and top off the pasta with the parmesan...and to go with it....focaccia. but this time i am making it from my Rao's cookbook. it is the one i always make. it has 1/2 cup instant mashed potatoes in it.i have no idea why. it is a great recipe that i am happy to share. so the sauce is simmering, Buddy is snoozing, the rain is falling gently in the garden and the focaccia is rising on the drainboard.We will open a bottle of red wine, build a fire and eat...in our little apartment..in little italy tonight. ciao, my friends