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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting Ready For Teddy

Today is one month since I lost Buddy. And I don't even remember March. One whole month. Gone in a haze. But I am trying to move forward and in doing so have started to get ready for little Teddy. Right before Buddy died I had started taking knitting classes. And I loved it. I was working on a pair of fingerless gloves. But needless to say, after he died, I lost interest in everything. Even eating. So the other day I walked into town and picked up this organic cotton yarn. I turned on You Tube and took a knitting lesson right here on the couch. I wanted to learn the seed stitch. And all it is is knit and purl. So I am knitting Teddy a little blanket to put in his basket for the ride home. So as I pass the time waiting to bring home the new baby lamb of love, I will knit. And dream of happier days to come.