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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Weeks Till Adoption Of Teddy

Today marks 2 weeks to the day that we go and adopt Teddy. And it is a bittersweet anniversary, because today also marks 5 weeks that I lost my precious, sweet and adored Buddy. What a long 5 weeks this has been. It just about did me in. The beautiful blue sweet peas I picked in my garden this morning and sat them in my kitchen window for Buddy. They smell so sweet. Just like him.

My sweet peas just picked.
There is the Dandegirl in that baby gate box. That is a big hit around here. Dande just loves it. Sometimes she hangs out on the roof, but this morning she wanted inside the kitty condo.

My sweet peas before I picked them this morning.

The first bloom today on my berries and cream rose I am trying to get to grow over the trellis by the picnic table.I have images of us sitting under there this summer with little you-know-who having a bbq.

My black and orange Halloween kitty I named Pixiegirl. She showed up on Labor Day 2008. John and I were sitting at the picnic table eating bbqed chicken...and she must have been one very hungry little cat, because she came up to me..and she was so skittish. I gave her some chicken and next morning there she was at the kitchen door. Been there ever since.Took me over one year to let me pet her.Someone had abused her. I think it was the neighbor across the way that told me she was getting her 2 year old a kitten. How perfect is that? You know the little girl was rough on the kitty, then they moved back to L.A. and look who I got.Why do people move away and leave their pets behind? ARG ! But we're best buddies now. And her favorite thing in the whole world. To be petted. Good girl, Pixie.