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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meyer Lemon Tarts

First off, Teddy is doing great. We are so IN LOVE with him. And he has sure kept me busy. But I am finding some time to bake. I have been going up to my friends restaurant in Atascadero, Ca. It is called FIG GOOD FOOD and have been baking meyer lemon tarts.

I started making lemon and blueberry tarts years ago. The first photograph was a picture of my tarts in Country Living Gardener magazine. Lemon is my favorite dessert...so I was excited when Greg, Molly and Chris wanted them in their restaurant. There is a farm stand out in the Edna Valley that is selling meyer lemons. So Teddy and I load up and head out there to get the lemons. Teddy loves to sleep on my lap as we wind our way through the vineyards and lupines and poppies...so happy just to be on my lap.....snoozing away. The pictures I have of Teddy right now all look the same..so I need to get some new ones to show you. I'll work on that this week.
I snuck a peek at Teddy as I was coming in the door to see what he was doing..and there he was...all curled up on the little rug in the kitchen, laying in the sun...and snuggled right up next to Whiskey....and my heart melted.