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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sacked Out !

i came upstairs to make the bed this morning and this is what i found...

whiskey sour and dande rose marie bagged out on the bed....look at that face...that is whiskey.

little tiny dande....she is as light as a feather...

since i am upstairs in the bedroom i thought i would show you around...that little wood burning stove is my squirrel stove...there are squirrels on the sides..the little black lady's rocking chair came from camden, maine.

the little necklace was made for me by a very special little girl...

outside one of my windows...the houses behind me on church street...and the brown california mountains...the blue morning glory is growing in all the trees in the back... even though it is july here...as i write i am wearing a ski coat...i don't know why...but on the coast of california it is COLD. woke to 55 degrees this morning...with a high of 65. what ? california? in july ? really ?