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Thursday, September 10, 2009

100 years old and Halloween

Well, being that our neighborhood is rumored to be about 104 years old, this fig tree must be at least that old. It sits across the lot from me in the backyard of an abandoned old house. Neglected, unloved and uncared for...I feel sorry for it. I have had my eye on it all summer long. So today, I took a stroll over and YEP, the figs have started to turn. I picked a few, peeled 'em and ate them while they were still warm from the sun. Went back and got my camera and took a couple of shots with the figs still on the tree. I have HIGH HOPES for these figs. They have found a home with me. I'm thinking fig tart already.

Today also got the serious Halloween decorating under way. I got into the old trunk upstairs and fell in love all over again. Just like I do every year. Got a few things out..but there is more. Stay tuned.