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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Am I In New England ?

it is so COLD here in San Luis Obispo that it is SNOWING !!! Well, it is up in the mountains...not downtown...this is actually Figueroia Mountain Road on the way to Santa Barbara. The road that Michael Jackson's Neverland is on. We have had a fire simmering away in the Farmhouse Kitchen woodstove all day today and Bolognese sauce bubbling slowly on the farm stove. Hope it's cozy at your house.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet...Cream Puffs By Sarabeth Bakery

I have met the NICEST people in the world because of blogging. And on my list of great blogging buddies are Mary from Ocean Breezes And Country Sneezes and Susan from Beyond My Kitchen Window. We all have a LOVE of baking and we all have the Sarabeth Bakery Cookbook. So for Valentines Day Mary suggested that it would be FUN to do a post together by posting something that we made out of Sarabeth. I LOVE and ADORE CREAM PUFFS...so I went for that. I made a pate a choux and piped in some pastry cream and whipped cream. And because it is VALENTINES DAY I iced the tops in pink then sprinkled with some powdered sugar. I was LUCKY enough to find some beautiful fresh raspberries at the farmer's market today...so I added those.

Looks like we will have a SPECIAL Valentine Eve dessert tonight here at Farmhouse Kitchen.

This was FUN Mary and Susan .......thank you for asking me ..... and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of you, my dear friends.

Sending Love,

Kary and Teddy


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teddy Turns One Today !!!!!

Teddy is celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY !!!! I can't believe it but my little boy is already ONE YEAR OLD. Born on February 9, 2010. Puppyhood went so fast...it was PURE PLEASURE....to be sure. Teddy LOVES to run and play on lawn...so guess what ? Yep. You guessed right... Teddy is getting a lawn....we have had a crew of guys here all week ripping up the garden and putting in a lawn. For Teddy. We still have room for the vegetable garden on the side of the house....for the tomatoes, corn, pumpkins and basil...but the rest is all for Teddy. Teddy has brought so much FUN and HAPPINESS to our home. We just couldn't imagine life without him.