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Friday, July 30, 2010

First Apple Pie Of The Season

My heart skipped a beat when I read it this morning. GOPHER GLEN IS OPEN FOR THE SEASON. The apple farm up See Canyon. Yep...you heard right guys. OPEN
I took a ride up this morning and as I drove I remembered last year, riding for the first time up the canyon with Buddy...heartbreak...again....but I had my little Teddy with me...and I looked at him tucked up on my lap and just smiled. The air felt cool as the canyon is very shady and it was still early in the morning. I felt the sun on my face as I drove looking at all of the branches hanging heavy with apples...i could smell that wine-ey , apple-ey scent in the air and could here the crows cawing in the trees...and I felt it. Late summer...that feeling of a change in seasons.

Rolling out dough for a pie my mind wandered to when I would return...

this weekend...for sure

as I fluted the crust of the pie I wondered what I would make next....
hhmmmm...my cinnamon apple cake? caramel apples? apple bread?

the crispy crunch of cutting that first apple

cutting the lattice for the top...i was smiling....

i wondered why i love baking pies so much...i always have...even when i was 8 years old...standing on the stool to reach the drainboard

weaving crust

making apple pie...

just me and teddy...and dreaming of Fall.