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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Light-December 1st

It was frosty rooftops here this morning on our walk with Buddy so it got me in the mood to do some Christmas decorating. I got out the red windowpane tablecloth that I got at an antique shop up in Paso Robles with Sharon years ago. I love how it looks with the red quilt hanging on the wall behind it.I prefer getting my Christmas decorations up See Canyon...pine boughs, berries, walnuts, acorns...nature... really try to keep a Maine Woodland theme here. I like the quiet of Christmas. I am really not an up-at-3-in-the-morning-looking-for-a-bargain-type person.I like the way the sun turns red as it sinks low in the west late in the afternoon...and the way the moon looks as it rises up over Terrace Hill in the east. Big and bright and white against the purple-blue December sky.

John and I come in the gate at Farmhouse ,gather firewood from under the apple trees and come inside to build a fire in "little woodstove." We light our candles, put on some Christmas music and start our supper.Tonight I am making Mushroom, Leek & Pine Nut Tagliatelle out of my Chez Panisse Pasta Cookbook by Alice Waters...

If it's good, I'll post the recipe tomorrow....hoping for better luck than I had the other night....oh and yeah...those are all cookbooks..and that's only half of it.....