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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

Today is the day that we all share THE SIMPLE THINGS...which is being hosted by the lovely Christina from Soul Aperture. It is my pleasure to take part in such a wonderful event...and for such a worthy cause. You see...for each person that participates, Christina is donating a dollar to Doctors Without Borders to aid the people of Haiti.

The Simple Things

the hundred voices of a january wind * cream puffs

cinnamon sugar doughuts * wearing clean cotton * cherries

my warm bed * the love of my dog * pizza in my oven * books

the sound of footsteps on fallen leaves * the christmas tree

barnswallows * being barefoot in summer * candy canes
herbs in my garden * vermont maple syrup * quiet * pancakes on my griddle * woodsmoke * an unexpected phone call from a friend *

the beauty of Big Sur * fences in snow * olive green velvet *

good things coming your way * village church bells * twilight *

planting by the moon * warm tomatoes * foods that mean love

things that are quiet and simple and ordinary and old and real

all of you

praying for Haiti

Being Home