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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Trip To Carlock's Bakery

I took a ride out to Carlock's Bakery today. It about 15 minutes away in Los Osos. It was such a pretty drive because the hills are so green and the yellow mustard is in full bloom. When I got there, it did not dissapoint...I go there for every holiday just because it is so old fashion.

The men were sitting in the back drinking coffee and eating doughnuts. Nothing fancy here. Nothing trendy. Just coffee and doughnuts. The place always reminds of the bakery in my hometown of Los Gatos called The Cream Puff.When you walk in the ladies are dressed in pink and white dresses and are ready to help.The chalkboard in the back lists the specials of the day. Today it was all Valentines. I brought home the little tiny heart shaped cake in the last picture for John and I to share tonight with some fresh raspberries. Sending all of you Warm Valentine Wishes.

I'm Barefoot Today!

This is not a joke. That is really me about 10 minutes ago. You see, today I am gardening...barefoot! I know..I said I wasn't gonna mention it anymore. But today I am planting my forget-me-not and baby blue eye seeds.And it is about 75 degrees in my garden this Saturday morning. Some of my columbine flowers are starting to bloom and my nasturtiums are sprouting back up.The leaves on little cherry are starting to open up too. I am gonna say it. It is downright warm out today. For supper tonight we are pretending it's summer. Making BLT sandwhiches, corn on the cob and I am making a macaroni salad later this afternoon. If you are coming to the Valentines Party you are welcome to come early and stay for Supper on the Porch tonight. We'd love to have you.