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Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Brighten Rainy Days

This has been incredible. It hasn't stopped raining since Monday.Day and night. As I write this Buddy and I look like 2 drowned rats. The sky cleared for a minute and I thought it was over. My poor little outdoor stray kittys came running when I walked in the gate from the grocery store. They were hungry.... been kinda watching them and trying to sneek out food between downpours.

I tried to take Buddy for a quick walk...and it was quick..we didn't make it very far and we were in a downpour. I didn't take an umbrella..good thing you can't see us.....

Yesterday at about 5 o' clock I thought the world was coming to an end. The sky turned this really weird orange sherbert color..almost transparent...have never seen anything like it..and then....a double rainbow. I thought I was going to see angels any minute coming down from heaven. It was strange...I was talking to my brother, Mark on the phone..and I said, Oh, let me call you right back...I've got to get a picture of this..so I grabbed the camera. Boom. Dead Batterey. Bummer.

The little tiny treasures are from my one minute walk with Buddy today. Love the red rose petal, found some more green pods, a grape leaf leftover from my zinfandel grapes stuck to the fence,a branch with red berries, a branch of rosemary with the blue flowers still on it,some flowers...I think it's called "Kiss-me-over-the-Fence"..well, that's what I've always called it...I'm sure that's not the name.And the pine is falling all over cause we have by the steps going up to our bedroom a HUGE pine tree. It kind of had me worried. If that went over Farmhouse would be toast.

I needed some spring color and found this kale..even though it is winter..i couldn't pass it up..the green looks springy..and it looks so cute on my drainboard in the kitchen. I have had the blue hyacinth for a while...Oh, it smells so good....and the bouguet was a filler bouquet but I loved it..so simple and green.No flowers. I added the big green pine branch that was on my doorstep when I got home today.

Our rowboats are packed and loaded. We're ready .....