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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fruit Tree Planting Before The Rain Starts

Here is our local Farm Supply out on Tank Farm Road in San Luis Obispo. They carry a real nice variety of fruit trees that are specifically for our area.Last year I got 2 apples trees from Apples of Antiquity. They are heirloom apple growers over the hill in Paso Robles. My Seek-No-Further Apple and my Pumpkin Russet apple really are suited for the east coast. It just doesn't get cold enough here. Not enough chill hours. I don't know why, but I actually got apples off those trees last Fall.So I guess I was just lucky.

This weekend John and I worked in the garden from sun up to sun down. We planted 2 cherry trees. One is called Royal Lee and and the other one is Minnie Lee. They need each other to polinate. The lady at the Farm Supply said they were a new variety and the people that planted them last year raved about them. Perfect for us here on the Central Coast of California. So I thought I would give them a try. I also got a peach tree. It is called Santa Barbara Peach.Again, ideally suited for our area.

We also planted a Liquid Amber tree by the french door going from the kitchen to the garden.I wanted it there so we can watch it through the seasons. I am really excited about having it there by the door and am looking for a lampost to go right next to it. The variety I got is called Palo Alto and it turns red in the Fall. There are several in our neighborhood, so I know it will do well here.

I also planted some red geraniums together with yellow violas going up the steps to our bedroom.

Yesterday I went one more time to Farm Supply to get some more climbing roses.I decided I needed a Cecil Bruner just cause it's so old fashioned. And when I got there I saw another climber called Night Owl. The flowers are a deep wine color and it is suppose to smell of spice.How could I pass that up?And btw...what is the deal with rose names.Lurking behind my Night Owl was Don Juan....and then came marliyn monroe, jackie kennedy, pope paul, betty boop, jimmy carter,julia child..wait...stop...did that say julia child? it did. now i have to have that one too...but lucille ball,donna reed,marcia brady..no thanks.

Our homeless kittys, Pixiegirl and Mumbie came later in the afternoon for their supper.Zacky Waffle was a no show for supper but was back for breakfast the next day.

So the heat wave is over...and the weatherman says rain is on the way. He says we are getting into an El Nino pattern here. Which means rains..and lots of it.Suppose to start tonight...and rain and rain and rain.....

So the flip flops are back in the closet, Buddy's fan is out in the shed...and we ate the last of the strawberries last night. Let it rain.