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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heat Wave, Hurricane and .....Ativan

We're still here, but it has been rough sailing. First off, we were hit with a heat wave. Yeah, I know, it gets hot end of August, but this dear ones, goes BEYOND hot. I am talking in the 115 degree+ range.It's the garden is all fried up and gone kinda hot. Plants crackle in the sun hot. Dirt steams hot. Birds are panting hot. (I have NEVER seen a bird pant like a dog). Poor thing, raced to give it a plate of water. He just looked at me, cocked his head, and made a break for the open skies.

And to top the whole lovely mess off, I have dental trouble and being the big baby I am insisted on being medicated for a dental procedure. So they put me on Ativan. And needless to say, I pretty much don't remember the last 3 days. I'm wondering if I should have gone Ativan-less. I might have been better off. Feeling like you're under water in a 110 degree heat wave is way too weird for me. Somebody please help me.

But, was feeling more like myself today, and between you and me I don't think I could take another Stouffer frozen dinner. And I'm bored here alone. I knew the fall magazines would be out so I headed for Borders. I got the September "Bon Appetit". The one with the flattened out chicken on the cover. About a hundred years ago my girlfriend, Molly and I spent an entire afternoon doing this to game hens. It was in the new Martha Stewart Entertaining Book. While most kids in high school were"hanging out at the mall" we boned game hens. So I did it to the chicken. It's little chubby legs look kinda sad, but...what are ya gonna do? So she is marinating in the fridge in lemon and olive oil..Is it too hot to go out and get the herbs? Or I am just lazy? Or do I still have Ativan residue?