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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just A Dollop

Well, with the first day of Fall came a mood for baking around here. Especially something warm and spicy. Something that would fill the house with that "fall-is-here-and-there-is-something-baking feeling". And what could fit the bill better than gingerbread? Anything else, really? I ask you. To me...gingerbread just reeks fall.

So I got out my pan, knew right where the molasses was..cause I just bought a fresh new bottle for all the upcoming holiday baking...and assembled all the ingredients.

I mixed and whirled. Crack an egg, measured my molasses and flour and spices. It felt so good to be back in the kitchen baking. It's been a long hot summer here, and between you and me...the thought of turning on that old Wedgewood stove was not a happy one. It really heats up my kitchen. In the fall and winter I love it..but summer is another story...it is a cooker. So once again, my beloved September is here..and with it....came my baking mood.

Oh, and the plate with the turnip on it. In case you're wondering..and I know you are, that was made by my dear friend, Julie Whitmore from Julie Whitmore Pottery on ETSY.