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Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, I have waited all year for this day. And it happened on the last day of summer. I was walking out in the garden this morning feeding my doves and I heard this "thud". I thought, what was that? I looked around and saw nothing..and then...there it was. One of my Seek-No-Further apples fell onto the ground. I had a friend tell me not to expect any apples off that tree. She said that variety is from New England and needs a hard freeze...which we don't get here. So my expectations were low. Which I have learned in the last couple of years is a good way to fly. You're never dissapointed. So this summer when I saw that I had a few apples on my tree...well, needless to say, I got pretty excited. It doesn't take much around here.It's the simple things and all that. So I picked up the apple, rubbed it on my pants for a quick polish and cleaning and took a bite. And it was GOOD. Surprise. Tart and sweet and fragrant.And crispy ... crunchy. I couldn't believe it. After having one of the worst vegetable gardens I have ever had this year...well, this was a prize at the end of the game that I wasn't expecting. Finally. Something. Even if it was just an apple. It was my apple. From the tree that I planted. And watered. And loved.

I think it just loved me back.

Feast Your Eyes

Hey everybody ! It's offically the Last Day Of Summer. Here we go ! And to start things off with a bang....how about these gorgeous beauties?

Went for a ride yesterday to see if Mary's Pumpkin Patch was open. I thought for sure it would be. Nope. Closed. Still setting up. But it looks so great, I can hardly wait. It's gotta be opening this Saturday. I can't wait to share it with you.

But in the meantime...he's a little something to tide ya over. While Mary's was closed... a little further up the road was an Honesty Farm. They really didn't have much, but what they did have was sitting out in the field. Can you believe your eyes?
That giant orange one is a beauty. I dreamt about it last night. Sitting in that field, I imagined ghosts floating overhead in the sky, and black bats darting here and there. A howl of a black cat, the groan of an oak branch in the wind.A candle in that farmhouse window,supper simmering on the stovetop. An apple pie cooling on the windowsill..... aahhhh.....autumn nights. Cool and brisk. Windy and spooky.