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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Hands Bakes A Birthday Cake

We had a birthday party here on monday night for my sister-in-law. With the help of my niece we made a pink birthday cake.

we added the birthday candles one by one. can you see that little ball of red behind the candles? that's teddy sitting on his favorite spot...on top of the couch.

Our simple farmhouse menu

a few festive touches

flowers , the guitar leaning against the wall ready for singing the birthday song and the doors open out to the apple orchard...the covered bowl in front of the picture is the dilly bread rising

our birthday cake, teddy and a tiny glass of pink lemonade for my little helper

getting started on the decorating

little helper with party streamers....we sure had a great time...

...and Teddy Picked Willow

We wrote down all the names of the the nice people that entered the give away from Farmhouse and Teddy's paw landed on Willow ! Congratulations, Willow. Send me your address and Teddy and I will get it in the mail to you so you can enjoy it.
Thanks for all the kind words...you are THE BEST !!!!
We enjoyed the give away...and hope you did too !!!
Sending love,
Kary and Teddy