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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Bye Cherries * Hello Apples...almost

I took a ride out to the Avila Barn yesterday and the lady said that this would be one of the last cherry pies. The cherries are just about over for the season. I LOVE cherries and always hate to see them go...but cheer up because that means that the apple farms up See Canyon should be opening real soon.
Took a ride out to See Canyon and the first farm had a closed sign on it.But isn't it a cute sign?

See Canyon is an old country road that winds its way through the canyon...most all of the farms have apples.

My FAVORITE farm is the one that sits on the end of the road. It is called Gopher Glen Farm and they feature many different apples during the season. Gravenstein are always the first apples. I always like to buy the cider they press from the Gravenstein because it is real tart being the cider is pressed with these tart first of the season apples. I freeze it to have for Halloween night. I have to have cider and cinnamon sugar doughnuts from Dolly Doughnuts on Halloween. I read in the paper that Gopher Glen will be opening next weekend. Teddy and I can hardly wait.

See Canyon Road...late afternoon...July 16, 2010

A friend along the way. I wish I could take him home with me.