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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Around the Farmhouse

Little Teddy just woke up from his nap and I caught this before he started ripping around. He loves that old blankie too. He turned 5 months on Tuesday. Look at that little gumdrop nose !
My lemon squares without the powdered sugar... they sure make the kitchen smell good. I got lucky and got a big bag of Meyer lemons from my father-in-laws tree. I have been making ALOT of lemon squares.
There it is. My sweet Buddy memorial. I keep his box of ashes on the top of my piano. He used to love to lay there on the back of the couch while I played the piano. (Now I am crying...again).I think he liked the music. Good thing he did..nobody else does. The little pink blankie I made the day after he died. I keep flowers in that little vase at all times. The vase is one made by my dear friend Julie of Julie Whitmore pottery. I am using the one with cherries on it for summer. I change it with the seasons. I keep the heart shaped rock at the base. It is a rock we collected while walking on the beach last winter after a storm. Buddy walked all the way down the beach that day, but I had to carry him back. He just couldn't make it. I knew something was wrong then. Deep down you just know.I keep a little sprig of rosemary ( for remembrance) tucked in. I sure miss that little guy. Thank God for Teddy.

I put this little hand crocheted tablecloth down on my farm table this morning. It has strawberries on it and was recently given to me by my sweet sister-in-law, Julie.
It is kind of hard to see...but on the tiny pedestal is a little pear. I saw it at the farmstand the other day and had to have it..cause you know what pears mean !