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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vermont Maple Cake

John LOVES the world series.Even though his Dodgers are out. It's kind of sad. I really do feel sorry for him.But what can you do? His family all loves the world series too. And Thurday night we were invited out to his mom and dad's house for pizza and the game. (They don't like to cook..it was take-out.) That's fine by me.Everyone has there own thing- makes- the- world go 'round and all that. So I said I would bring a dessert. I wanted something old fashion and homey. Nothing fancy. So I scoured my cookbooks looking for just the right thing. I've already made them a couple of apple pies so I was kinda burnt out in that department.I'm sure they are too. But I wanted something that gave me the feeling that I was going to see the game at someone's house up in Vermont. With a stiff cold wind blowing, pumpkins glowing from the porch, woodsmoke wafting in the air, leaves tumbling down the road....you get the idea.

Vermont Maple Cake. That was it. From my beloved John Hadamuscin's Special Occasion Cookbook. There were about 4 different books that he wrote. All out of print. I love them so much. One of these days I will do a post and highlight the books for you.In the book it is actually called Buckeye Maple Cake.But I'm not getting a "happy" off of that. So I switched it from Buckeye to Vermont. There you go. That's better. At least it is for me. It's a big cake and it is square. The book said the reason it is square is for "easy transportation to a picnic". That got my attention. Then I got to thinking about it and wondered what's the difference between transporting a round cake or a square cake? Don't ask, I guess.

So I made the cake, loaded it up and took it out to the house. There was no woodsmoke, no pumpkins on porches, no dancing leaves,it wasn't even cold. But we had a good time anyway. It's California....what did I expect?