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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's In My Kitchen Today

Hey Teddy..are you asleep on the job today in mama's kitchen?

My first mum of the season getting it's drink in my farm sink
Every time I buy cherries i think to myself..is this the last bag..but we just keep on going..that darling little plate is from my dear friend, julie whitmore of julie whitmore pottery

Went to our local organic grocery store yesterday and got this beautiful bottle of california olive oil. and a bottle of pinot noir

We are bbqing again tonight..one is for teddy

How could i pass this up?

my sweet little dande girl...see all of teddy's chewies?

There he is..see that tail? always straight up

I just can't take my eyes off of him...look at that sweet face...

Scored this at Michaels yesterday for a dollar on the grab rack table..cute, huh? you can never have too many recipe boxes, can you? they have Fall in there too. you know i got some candles and Fall leaf window clingers. i have a thing for window clingers...probably cause i wanted them so bad as a child and there was no way mom was buying window clingers. i am making up for lost time...big time

Needless to say...i LOVE LOVE LOVE this plate. somebody else must have too. it has a repair at the top. i have it hanging on my wall in the kitchen. it makes me HAPPY

I collect any plates i can find that have turkeys on them. that Fall thing and all.