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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey...Any Ideas Out There In The Blogiverse ?

i went to our Sunday Farmers Market today on the off chance there MIGHT be a pumpkin...no luck just yet...but i asked the farmer and he said 2 weeks...then i glanced around the table and what do i see ? these baby artichokes. these are REALLY small...like the size of a shallot.... i couldn't pass them up even though i have NO IDEA what i am going to do with them....besides frying them like eggplant in breadcrumbs or putting them is pasta...i am not sure what to do with them...hey you guys out there....what can i do with them ? all ideas are WELCOME...

i have also noticed alot of you are making pickles...refridgerator pickles..pickles in a pickle pot...canning pickles...so i got some cucumbers...got to give it a try...what would the middle of august be without some pickling and preserving going on in the kitchen ?

the days are really getting shorter...i have noticed i have to turn on my lights in the kitchen now when i am making supper....so i got out my Halloween Haunted House Nightlight... click for a close-up of him !

o.k. here is the REALLY BIG TREASURE of the day...joyce at http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/ told me about this...she said get over to Michaels a.s.a.p. !!!! they have a really cute Halloween light... i got in the car with my pajamas still on and headed over...only 3 left. i got there just in the nick of time.... i can't wait till it gets dark tonight !

my kitchen window this afternoon...with red warren pears...an old variety local to our area...that were at the farmers market today...