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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look Who's Back !

out here in california this is one of the FIRST SIGNS OF FALL.... when these spiders start to come out...they are all over my garden right now.... my friend julie calls them PUMPKIN SEED spiders...and i can see why.... click to see him close up...it's worth a look...i just love him....

all of my sweet peas have gone to seed now...

that's the amish broom corn that i planted this year...i have never planted if before and it was really easy to grow... it is as tall as the roof of the cottage next door...i am planning on tying this to my lampost real soon....

i picked this up at my local Farm Supply the other day and have it hanging here by my kitchen door...if you LOVE flowers..click for a close-up. these flowers are so pretty...

this hangs by my kitchen door too...it was a gift from my dear friend joyce of http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/ along with a BIG BOX of all things Fall !!! thanks joyce !!!

there is little teddy...he just loves laying on the gravel paths...those rocks are so nice and warm...

the morning glory on the fence by my kitchen window...

i love that blue flower...

the little chair in the garden where i sit with teddy... the vines growing up the fence are my zinfandel grapes..we just let them run wild this year...the grapes are ready to be picked..we picked them last night...

we got this fountain in June and have enjoyed it all summer...and the mockingbirds LOVE IT !!! they visit every day...

what's going on in here ? are you calling me, mom? you see...right under the fence is a duck next door named pete...and teddy and pete have become BEST FRIENDS this summer...

and i just can't help myself...i have been hitting michaels daily...and i got ANOTHER scarecrow...it's kind of embarrassing pushing these around in a cart in the parking lot in 90 degree heat in mid august...i go as fast as i can...get him in the trunk...slam it shut and head for home. and he just makes me HAPPY !!!!


  1. Very sweet photos! I saw one of those huge spider's web yesterday too! It was gargantuan! Gave me the shivers! You're is cute though!

    You must have enjoyed that water-fountain all summer, how nice and relaxing! When I sit in the yard Duke sits in my lap! He's such a mama's boy!

    Teddy looks like he's having a blast in his garden . . . maybe he wants some duck eggs for you to bake with . . . hmmm, could be!

    Have a wonderful day, so happy I stopped by the farmhouse kitchen today!

    Mary & Duke

  2. Oh no! I'm not ready for fall yet...

  3. Yes, days are shortening, cooling, leaves are beginning to hint of a change soon and school children (and this school bus driver) are feeling the pinch of a swiftly waning summer vacation! You're photos are so peaceful and inviting!

  4. LOVE the hanging basket o' color! wow! and yes, those spiders make walking around the yard at night a bit treacherous. :)

  5. Personally I love Fall! and your pictures look awesome! and I love your scarecrow!! xxgloria

  6. You know who REALLY looks like fall?
    He looks like the color of an heirloom pumpkin
    I'm palpitaing over that hanging basket.
    That says it all.
    donkey in the pines

  7. Just gorgeous Kary! That sweet little boy is divine...makes me smile every time! xoxo hugs

  8. Happy is a good thing, and I applaud you embracing Fall so wholeheartedly. Great to 'know' another person who so embraces the gifts and beauty and bounty of the season...although it's still going to be a few weeks before I start decorating. I need to get past my next 4 weeks at work before I can take a big deep breath of Fall, so I'll enjoy it vicariously through you awhile longer. PS--what are those fabulous flowers???

  9. beautiful photos, such a sweetie that Teddy,,, I can't believe fall is coming so quickly,, I'm so glad you told us how fall comes to you,, its a bit different from us here,

  10. LOVE Teddy, love your spiders and garden, LOVE all of your photos Kary!

  11. Oh this was a fun visit. The flowers so bright and beautiful. Love the bird on a swing too! Fountain beauty is a favorite of mine. Happy summers....fall is on the way.

    xoxo to sweet summer boy teddy and you to kari!

  12. Everything in your yard looks so pretty (except for the spider!). Some of my plants are starting to show the stress of summer heat and lack of rain. I water every day, but I guess it's not enough for some of them.

    I know you love fall, but I'm not looking forward to the end of summer. If it could only last a little bit longer!!

  13. Love that broom corn! I wonder if it would grow here in Northern WI? I'd love to tie that on the deck railings!
    All of your photos are great and love Teddy going to visit his duck friend!
    Visiting over or should I say under the garden fence!
    Keep enjoying the fall and shopping for those scarecrows! Cute indeed!
    Warm Hugs!
    Cathy G

  14. Your corn will look great around the lamppost and your new flowers are just so happy looking-enjoy:@)

  15. That hanging basket is so gorgeous, bet you stand at your kitchen window most of the day looking at it! I'm glad you're enjoying your scarecrows, just be kind to them - it's hot in that trunk :)


  16. That Teddy is such a beautiful dog. And I love that fountain!!

  17. The arachnids have been busy in my Long Island garden ; especially favouring the rosemary and yews with their gossamer webbings. Today's breeze is whispering Autumn : not just my wishful thinking, as the air is dry and comfortably cooler. Enjoy the change of seasons, as the Dog Days wane and the Cat Nights begin!

  18. I see you can't wait for autumn to commence!

    Grapes are being harvested here too. I visited "my" vintner yesterday and he will have the "new wine" ready in about three weeks.

  19. Summer is peaking at your house and Autumn is just around the corner. Looks like you have both under control.

    Happy summer to you.


  20. I went to pull on my garden gloves this morning and went "EEEEEKKK!!!!!!" loud enough to scare the pants off the w.o.l.f. spider that was snuggled up in the palm of one glove.
    ewwwwwww. spiders. ewwwwwwww.
    Love the pictures ~ and that Teddy is a handsome fellow.

  21. we get furry caterpillars...and that's when everyone starts talking about fall and how long winter will be...something to do with their stripes i think :)

  22. Your August looks like our October! But then, you were celebrating spring while we were buried in snow, too! ha. Fall is my favorite...I'm anxiously awaiting it!

  23. What great pictures--Enlarging them really makes them even more lovely!! But there is a feel in the air that the seasons are changing isn't there?

  24. I know what you mean about the spiders...my kids found one in the tub yesterday just as they were about to climb in and screamed at the top of their lungs!
    But fall can't come early enough for me...it's my favorite season, by far:)

  25. how wonderful! everything looks so fallish! does that broom corn actually grow ears of corn that you can eat? gorgeous hanging basket too. i think teddy looks like he is ready for fall. pete's name would be toast if he stuck his head under my teddy's fence!

  26. Hi there, Such lovely photos of your garden-I love your fountain. Fall is in the air here too and it is so pleasant. Loved seeing Teddy outside snopping around-so cute.
    Have a great Friday my friend,
    Love Noreen & Reggie

  27. Hello! Found your blog through another. Love it! Gorgeous photos. Love the hanging pot! I think red and yellow flowers together are gorgeous!

  28. it is always such a treat to visit here. i loved each
    photo so much. the flowers were gorgeous.

  29. You have all your pretty photos of fall on your blog, and I just can't allow myself to remove summer photos or decorations. I love fall, but after that, it's dealing with Siberia around here til April. Sad.

  30. I just came across two of those spiders this morning coming back from my walk.

    Oh Teddy, how I've missed you, you curly haired, darling soul! Glad you found a friend in Pete this summer!

  31. We called those 'pumpkin spiders' when I was little, and I loved watching them, so plump, in the middle of their dew-soaked webs.
    Your garden is so cheerful with all of those black-eyed-susans. And Teddy is just adorable as always!
    This morning there is a fierce wind, and the very first yellow leaves are skating through the air. The ducks have also been flying past the windows, honking and surprising us!
    Oh dear friend....our favorite time is just around the bend!!

  32. That's a cute little spider. I love spiders and they are coming out of the woodworks all over the place here. The Amish corn looks so wonderful. I haven't heard of them before. I don't think we have that kind of corn here in The Netherlands. It is very beautiful and great to decorate with !!
    The flowers in the basket are fantastic. Are those million bells ( small petunia like flowers)??? I love the colour combination.
    Your garden looks great and Teddy having a new friend is fantastic.
    Have a wonderful day.

  33. That silly Teddy, on the hunt for mischief I'll bet.
    The days are changing ... shorter hours of daylight, heavy dew on the lawn in the morn and yes the arrival of beautiful Autumn blooms...
    Have a great weekend.
    Susan x

  34. lovely photos Kary, thanks for sharing the beautiful things, including the spider!

  35. I am new here so I will probably not say something unusual but you have a beatiful garden! ps. I prefer much more spiders to flies:)

  36. I'm starting to see spiderwebs here too :( You're right about it being a sign that fall is coming.

    I love that beautiful fountain and the cheery red cushions on your garden chair!

  37. You're right...fall is just around the corner. I enjoyed all your pictures, as usual. The hanging flower basket is so beautifully colorful. And I always love pics of your sweet Teddy.

  38. I loved seeing Teddy too today with his new friend duck!! I just love all your pictures!! Everything is so pretty!! You have a really nice place there!!!
    Love your company!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  39. love your signs of fall kary. the biggest one for me is always the first day of school, which is monday here. :)

  40. everything looks so beautiful here! hi teddy!

  41. That hanging basket with the red & yellow flowers is gorgeous! Hard to believe it's time to welcome fall. I hate to usher out summer too quickly, even though fall is my favorite season. :)

  42. A beautiful post Kary, everything is wonderful and bless Teddy for being such a little cutie.
    Morwenna x

  43. Oh Kari, what a treasure trove of photos! I love the sweet spider, the pods, the Amish corn and on and on. Everything is so Fall like and it ALL makes me smile. Sending all my love to you, Teddy and the farmhouse kitties. Hugs, sweet friend.

  44. Your little dog is wearing the perfect coat for Autumn, I would like a jumper just like it!

    We have had hardly any summer over here so I am hoping that we don't change seasons just yet. Your images are beautiful.

  45. I love the fall photos are beautiful, I like the garden for me is sacred, I have all kinds of flowers, I like the scarecrow must have it, warm hugs have a good Sunday,

  46. Great pics. You can keep the spider though. :)
    I am so ready for Fall! Two of the magazines I got recently have Fll things on them and they
    made smile!


  47. Your little scarecrow's smile makes me happy too. :) I really do notice that fall is in the air, especially in the early mornings. I bet Teddy is really enjoying his new friend on the other side of the fence. :)

  48. My first favorite time of year...autumn and am loving the cozy, nesting, calming time of it. The garden is slowing down, still need to put up food but am loving the crisp coolness. Your photos are wonderful and am so glad to visit today...starting my day off with blog beauty!

  49. You have your own Charlotte to watch. Wouldn't be awesome to have all those wonderful goings on under your nose. Can you tell Charlotte's Web is one of my favorite children's book. I am also a big fan of Michael's. Once I start back to work I can pop in more frequently. Have a great Kary!!

  50. What a great tour. I love the photos! Your new teapot is tops also. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.


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