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Monday, August 22, 2011

Farmhouse Kitchen Gets A New Teapot !

my sister-in-law and i hit a couple of stores on saturday...Tuesday Morning was one of them...and i got this great cast iron teapot from France...plus i found the cute calico pot holder filled with dried herbs to put it on... love this greeting me in the morning....

there is my little FARMHOUSE KITCHEN...

my little old Wedgewood stove...that oven makes the BEST pizza...ever !!!

on the top of my stove...

on the wall behind my stove...this stays up year round...it was a gift from my dear friend julie whitmore...and i ADORE it !!!!

more from julie.... up year round as well....

on my kitchen windowsill...gifts from octoberfarm...am i LUCKY or what ??? i have to tell you...i have met my kindred spirits here in this blogland....

a gift from octoberfarm...a redware dish that i LOVE...it sits behind my kitchen sink so i can always see it....

it is really cool out here in california for the end of august...so i will be baking some bread...and making some JAM !!!

i know it is still august...but there are only 69 days left till Halloween...that's not too long...i can never get enough of it ...and it's just me and Teddy in here... do you see the ghost...? this is for a special someone....i think you know who you are !


  1. Oh my, I want that stove! I bet you just love how big it is. You can get rid of any picture by clicking on it and you will get the little boxes around the photo, then you just go to your keyboard and hit delete, the photo will be gone. That's how I do it, maybe someone else has a different way..works for me though. xo

  2. Finally, a little peek into your kitchen! So charming. :)
    Love all the little Halloween touches....such an exciting time!

  3. BEAUTIFUL kitchen and I LOVE the tea pot! I collect tea pots, I must show and tell one day on my blog.....GREAT post Kary ~ thanks for the peep inside your farmhouse kitchen!

  4. you just have the best kitchen,, it reminds me of Susan Branch kitchen,, and alike the kitchen we once had,,, very cosy, very pretty and just the right amount of everything,,

  5. LOve the new teapot, and your sweet, cozy, whispers-of-the-past kitchen. seems like a lovely place to settle in for a cuppa.

  6. Oh, I love your kitchen!

    You know, Teddy told me that he thinks you should give us a tour of your house ... I swear!


  7. What fun your kitchen tour was...so many eye-catching treasures that reflect your personality.

    And I love your new teapot! Tuesday Morning is such a great place to shop.

  8. Oh my gracious, dearie, you have marched right into Fall, de-light-ful!

    The teapot and holder is exquisite! The art of tea!

    How fun, I adore you little witch that stays up year round.

    The ghostie outside your window....way to wonderful!

    xoxo to you and sweet teddy boy wonderful.

  9. Oh Kary, your kitchen is beautiful! I love the farmhouse sink! I especially love the stove. I had a similar Tappan one that we didn't take when we sold our 1st home . . . I've kicked myself ever since!

    Love Julie's pottery! I also love to decorate with witches for the Autumn.

    Oh, and your teapot is adorable!


  10. Wonderful to have a peep into your kitchen - thank you so much.

  11. Too much fun going on in your Farmhouse Kitchen!!
    I'm sure Teddy loves it.


  12. You have a very charming house! I love the colors.

  13. Kary, what a lovely kitchen you have, so warm and inviting. Julie Whitmore's pottery is just wonderful, the perfect touch to your decor. How I enjoy Halloween, orange and black my favorite colors! From CHILLY Maine, Julie.

  14. Aww...your teapot and trivet are the cutest ever! I love Tuesday Mornings! Haven't been in ages, though! I need to do something about that!

  15. Hi there, I love spending time here cause it makes me feel like I'm spending time with you and Teddy. Your kitchen is so delightful,especially your stove. Love the new teapot and trivet; lets sit and have some tea while we talk about dogs and autumn etc.
    Hugs to you today.
    Love, Noreen & Reggie

  16. I am drooling over that wedgewood stove! I have a dream of someday getting a wedgewood stove.


  17. lots of fall touches there already.

  18. i am so tired i can hardly see! how did i used to do this stuff everyday? i guess this is how we get old. damn! this put such a huge smile on my face this very tired evening!

  19. love your teapot and your stove! Not ready for halloween yet but I do like all of your fun things.

  20. A cast iron teapot! I have not seen one before. It would keep the tea lovely and warm! But I bet you have to be sure to heat it up first!
    Have a lovely day!

  21. Oh my dear friend, I just love your kitchen and all of the halloween goodies, please save me some bread and jam =) Have a great week! Xoxoxo

  22. Beautiful tea pot.....I think it is so cute you are already waiting for Halloween.....and that you display little Halloween treasurers from your bloggy friends.



  23. thanks for showing us your lovely treasures.

  24. A new addition to a cozy kitchen, thank you for the tour. I have a Wedgwood stove also (mine is older) and I love it. Mine makes good pizza also. But other than that it doesn't get used for much. Have a great day.

  25. hey

    is that an acorn finial on the teapot?
    Yup, very Alice Waters. What a happy kitchen! And blogging peeps, you can bet the best food in the state of California comes out of there.
    yup, it surely does
    donkey in the pines

  26. Unless you have had an old stove like your Wedgwood you have no idea how grand they are. Beats any high tech. stove anytime. Perfect for rising bread in....

    You know I have been thinking of Halloween but not ready to put up anything...yet. I haven't seen any Halloween items for sale where I have been. I think most are waiting till school starts but I beg all craft stores are full volume right now.

  27. It's all those special touches that make your kitchen a home!
    xo Cathy

  28. tried to leave a comment before but it disappeared! I'm crossing my fingers.....

    LOVE your kitchen. I adore peeking inside other peoples homes. Your kitchen is so warm and welcoming. Very cool stove!
    Thanks so much for your kind and caring comments about my little Rosie. She actually did a little "gallop" across the play area today! Doc gave her another adjustment and she cried out when he did her neck but it seems to have REALLY helped. She's slowly but surely returning to her old self. :)
    Thanks so much for being there.
    XOXO - Cindi

  29. Love the kitchen....love the cute bird cup too next to the great teapot.
    Question, I'm shopping for a new kitchen countertop. Do you like the wooden counter?
    It's my first choice but I've been told it may not be the best choice...I prefer to hear from people who live with and use them daily.
    Love the cozy room - can't wait to see your home in October!!!

  30. Love the taps and sink (I think I have mentioned that before), and of course all of Julie's beautiful works! The pot holder and the robin cup are so pretty! Where do you work when you prepare food? Do you have an extra table?

  31. oh kary, i've always wanted a cast iron tea pot and your new one is perfect. i love seeing in your pretty kitchen. have fun with your autumn decorations!

    and julies pottery/ art all over your kitchen. swoon. sigh.

  32. Hi Kary, I love your farmhouse kitchen. We had a great big wonderful stove like that in our cellar when I was growing up. Halloween will be upon us before we know it so its good that you started to get your lovely things out and up. Susan

  33. What wonderful finds! I miss Tuesday mornings and the like, nothing to compare here. Full price all the way.

    I still miss the 50s stove and oven from our first house in DC.
    It did not work properly at first, but then my husband bought a large slate tile, cut in half, putting one to the left and one to the right at the bottom of the oven. It was the best oven I ever had, my pizzas were thin and crispy and ready in four minutes and the pies and cakes were perfect too.

  34. btw...i love your kitchen! that stove is to die for!

  35. Hi my name is jackie,i am a new blogger and love your blog. your pictures and photos are so lovely! Not getting any housework done as i cant stop reading your posts.x

  36. Fall has hit the farmhouse kitchen and I love it!!! Can I come and stay for a while~
    I love the new tea pot.
    Have a great week.

  37. I love your new teapot too... oh and your new header image... I bid my school bus route and bus tomorrow...school starts for my district on the first... summer IS waning fast!

  38. Such a nice looking kitchen.
    I love your newly purchased iron teapot.

    Cass from Video Guitar Lessons

  39. Seeing your kitchen (which is very nearly the kitchen of my dreams were someone to ask me to describe it) always cheers me. It's the lightness of it, and the little things you think to tuck here and there so there is always something worth seeing.

    That stove is nearly my grandmother's (her's did not have the high back). It was left behind when my parents' the house because the buyer insisted it must stay since it fit the house. I didn't like it, but I knew he was right. Too bad he was also full of crap and turned around and sold the stove and replaced it with one from the 1970s. I don't normally wish horrible diseases upon people . . .

    Anyway, hope all is well with you and your furry housemates. Take care.

  40. Your new tea pot is darling, Kary, and I love your stove! It looks like the same one Susan Branch has in her hosue on Martha's Vineyard.

    halloween was my favorite holiday as a child..all that candy! :0)

  41. Your kitchen is so sweet and quaint. Everything I would imagine seeing in a farmhouse. I love the ghost and did I see bats? Ooohhh, how I LOVE Halloween! Sending you fresh, crisp Autumn goodness and lots of love. - Mina

  42. you have such a cozy kitchen! and I like the idea of the ghost behind the window!

  43. Love your site, especially your kitchen! My wife and I recently bought a 1889 farmhouse and the kitchen is ugly! Tin ceiling AND walls. We need suggestions on renovation and we have a new website with photos. Please check it out.

  44. I adore that tea pot, as well as kitchen!

  45. Are you going to give us some jam recipes? I have a smile on my face because I'm hoping your answer is yes.


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