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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girls Day Out

Sharon and I have been friends for nearly 40 years. I was the first person to work in her shop in Cambria called "Heart's Ease". It was the best job I ever had. I learned about herbs and gardening and all things New England. And I was hooked. Forever.And now all these years later I am still "pretending" that I live in New England. Sharon and Jeff live half of the year here in San Luis Obispo and half at their cottage in Christmas Cove, South Bristol, Maine. So we miss seeing each other for about six months every year. Sharon and Jeff are home.... and it was girls day out. We have a mutual friend, Susie Bassetti who came "over the hill" from Cambria to meet us for lunch in Paso Robles. We ate at "Artisan" and we had a lovely time. Susie brought us each homemade foccacia and olive bread made from the olives on their farm. Lucky us ! After lunch, Susie had to get back to tend to things at the farm and Sharon and I headed out for a late fall drive. Just to catch up. Girls-style.

Vineyard Drive, Paso Robles, CA

After lunch Sharon and I took a drive to one of our favorite places.Vineyard Drive. It takes you out into an area called The Adelaide. It is a drive where you find yourself amoung vineyards and wineries and farmhouses and barns. And we had a beautiful afternoon. The sky was a buttermilk sky. Big high clouds shading the bright sun, the vineyards were in full fall color, the crush for this year was winding down. Walking into the wineries you could smell grapes and damp leaves. In the distance red shouldered hawks swirled high above in the late afternoon sun. We drove lazily down the road enjoying the walnut orchards and olive groves. We came upon The Halter Ranch...a big old house that has been redone by a local architect. It sits grandly amoung stately 100 year old oaks. There are many out buildings on the property...the old barn..the little red shed. It is so peaceful and quiet there. A PERFECT Novemeber afternoon. As the sun began to sink we moved on towards home, but only after one last stop. To Nature's Touch in Templeton.

Nature's Touch Organic Market - Templeton

Our last stop of the day was to a little market in Templeton called Nature's Touch. It is right off Highway 101 and sits just off Main Street. It is very small and they carry everything that is organic and from the local farms in the area. I got avocados from George and Beth's Farm on Santa Rosa Creek Road in Cambria, local olive oil from a farm called "Homestead" and a big sack of oranges from Cayucos Creek Farm. I thought those would look really nice in my big yelloware bowl in the kitchen. Very Christmasy. I got a nice package of fresh yeast and a crock of butter called CLOVER FARMHOUSE from a farm up in Petaluma. The crock is worthy of having it's picture taken and I will do that for you later. I would rather had that crock of butter than a new pair of shoes.It will look great on our Thanksgiving table.And it will remind me of a beautiful November afternoon with a dear friend.