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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild West and Our Last Meal

This is a picture I just snapped while looking out the window at the hailstorm this morning.The camera was in my hand..and I said to myself....snap a picure! The pathways are rivers.My poor fruit trees that we just planted. When I wanted to get them in before the rain...I had no idea it was going to be a deluge.....the
garden is in the front of Farmhouse.... all those raised beds are ponds...it used to be an herb and flower garden... those bare white fences are where I grow sweet peas...last year in the spring you saw no fence..just sweet peas...when you walked in the gate on a warm day it smelled like bubble gum....I always wonder if I should put in something not so seasonal cause the fence is bare in winter...but I still love my sweet pea fences.I wonder what will be left after the water drains? I'm not complaining. I know...I don't dare complain...this is nothing....
I promise...this is the last chapter in the Mushroom saga. There it is. We had it last night...and it was worth the wait.Oh yeah, and that's boxed dried pasta. I overcooked the fresh pasta.Forgot how fast that cooks. That will teach me.

A Walk Before The Storm...January 20, 2010

Well, it finally happened. We got RAIN. And is it ever packing a wollop. Heavy winds, rain falling sideways,thunder, lightening,sirens going off all around.My daisy picking days are over for now.

I am taking part in Dawn's ....from the delightful blog COUNTRY GIRL ...."Collections from Nature." It is such a wonderful idea...when out walking...just look at what nature has to offer on each day. I take Buddy twice a day around the block..and it is amazing to find so many treasures from nature everyday. And each day is different. This was my walk yesterday before the storm slammed in.I really like the rose petals..even though they were tattered and damaged by raindrops. The pods are from trees out on the street...and little Dande just can't get enough of that dried piece of fern...

If you would like to take part...please join us. Just add the "tiny treasure collector" button to your sidebar and post your treasures. Makes taking a walk a double pleasure....