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Monday, August 10, 2009


What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I had a dental emergency and I was feeling blue. After I got home, I needed some serious comfort for an August afternoon. I had picked up some blueberries at the farmers market just cause they looked so well, summer. I had no idea what I was going to do with them..probably just eat 'em fresh. But after the dentist situation, I wanted something cozy. The fog was rolling in and I felt like building our first fire, but being our neighbors were bbqing..and we were going to be too....the fire just didn't seem right. But what did seem right was a fruit dessert bubbling away in my baby cast iron skillet. My friend, Julie and I took a trip to New England a couple of years ago and on our last night we were in Portland, Maine...the beloved Portland, Maine I might add.
Our last dinner after a 14 day long trip was at "Fore Street" in Portland. And it was the best we had the whole time..and we had some pretty good food on that trip.But when the waiter came out and sat down on our table tiny individual cast iron skillets with a warm jumbleberry crisp...we nearly cried. It was beautiful and it was delicious. And I have never forgotten it. And neither has Julie.