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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cherry Tree and Mache Lettuce

I promise...no more today. But this was the view out my kitchen door this morning.
If you look close you can see the Cherry tree just barely starting to open.And that green grass by the bird bath is mache lettuce...that is flowering. The little tree in the back is my Santa Barbara Peach. It hasn't opened yet. This winter John planted 3 cherries and the peach. We have a Seek-No-Further Apple and a Pumpkin Russet Apple along with a Blenheim Apricot.... o.k. that's all for today. Enough is enough.....

I'm Not Kidding You

I'll keep this short.
I really did hesitate on if I should show you this...or not. But I'm not kidding. These flowers are really blooming in my garden...today. February 10th. To be fair...it has been raining alot. But this morning we woke to clear sunny skies and a warm sun. Took Buddy for his walk in my slippers. Then headed out to the garden in a t-shirt in see what was blooming. I won't dwell on it. We are going to walk downtown now for some tea. There is an old plum tree in full bloom right now at The Old Mission in downtown San Luis Obispo. I want to get a picture of it before it goes by to share with you...Spring Dreams, my friends....