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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Teddy Goes To A Birthday Party

Teddy got invited to a birthday party ! The dust is starting to settle around The Farm. Teddy is settling right in and things are a little more calm now. I feel bad about not posting pictures earlier but to tell you the truth, I just wasn't in the mood. Teddy is THE BEST thing in our life. Sometimes the world troubles get me down. The economy, I get lonely here all day alone, even with my tony's (that's what Julie and I call our pets..so you all might as well get in on it too) and now that horrible oil spill. I know the talk isn't very "farmy" today, but all that beautiful wildlife and people who make their living in the fishing industry...sometimes it just feels like the sky is falling in.

But Teddy is doing great. Got his first puppy check-up. Right now he is resting on my shoulder. He needs all his rest cause tomorrow he has a birthday party to go to !