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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teddy's HOME !

wow...what a trip. nearly 700 miles in 15 hours. john had to get back to work so we didn't spend the night, instead we got up tuesday morning at 3 o'clock and we rolled.what a day. we will never forget this day in more ways than one. we headed into santa barbara from the cachuma pass at 4:30 in the morning. as we came down the pass it felt like you were in an airplane at night. the city looked beautiful..all the lights were on and you could see the stars out over the pacific ocean...then we got on the 101 freeway and headed for los angeles...on to riverside...into the desert to a town called anza...it is at the edge of the mojave desert...and now it is 9 in the morning..6 hours in the car...and we come to a dirt road...more like a riverbed really,we had to drive so slow
i could have walked faster...and it was a ways to go..and finally we see it...way out there in no man's land..valeries...we had called her before we hit the dirt road and she said she would meet us on the porch..and there she was..holding my sweet TEDDY..and of coarse i started sobbing...like a baby when i first saw him..then john is crying, then valerie...i asked her if the others are this bad..she said, "usually not, but one lady did drop to her knees." we all got a laugh out of that....valerie gave him a bath and we met the parents and his sisters...and it seemed strange, but we took him and left. we all hugged good-bye and i told her i would be in touch. already sent her pictures and she loved that.
so we were all HUNGRY ! in southern california there is a fast food place called "In and Out Burger" they are everywhere and JOHN LOVES them. turns out so does TEDDY. we opened that bag and he perked right up. so his first meal with us was an "IN and Out Burger".i was worried he would get sick, but valerie fed him meat..and he was fine. BUDDY LOVED McDonalds double cheeseburgers..so it looks like we have another burger boy!
coming into L.A. we hit rain and TRAFFIC...what's the deal..it's only 2:30 in the afternoon. Lakers play-off games were last night at The Staples Center... (that picture in the rain is of los angeles yesterday afternoon)......so that explained all the news trucks and helicopters. then stalled to a dead stop in traffic. unfortunelty it was a bad accident. we had a couple of close calls ourselves. that L.A. traffic is unreal. but we made it HOME...and we are IN LOVE...he is just a doll. so sweet. cutest personality.and his tail is ALWAYS curled all the way up and is wagging. he slept with us in the bed..no problem and even went on a Home Depot run this afternoon. and he did not go unoticed.everyone wanted to see him..asking is that a Teddy Bear..well, as a matter of fact, yes he is. He is our TEDDY...and he couldn't be more loved !
Oh, and see the little white star on his chest? that's his BUDDY star.