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Friday, January 22, 2010

Outside Looking In

There she is. My homeless kitty. I named her Pixie cause she used to hide in and around my garden like a Garden Pixie.I have 2 others. All abandoned by people who moved. And it makes me sad. How can you adopt a pet..and then leave it behind . How could you sleep at night? I never stop thinking about my pets..Buddy and my kittys. They mean the world to me.

Pixie has been here since Labor Day of 2008. For one year she hissed at me everytime I went to feed her. I know she had to have been abused. After about one year..of feeding her every day..twice a day...slowly..she let me pet her. And now we are pretty good buddies. She is such a sweet little cat.We have been making it through the storms pretty well.I have kept the shed door open for her with a bed in it and feed her morning and night. The others still come too. But Pixie looked so cute there this afternoon. The picture is through the screen door.

The other thing that got my attention today was that heroic dog rescue down in L.A.

I very rarely watch t.v. in the day, but turned it on to see if I could get a weather report..and then I saw it. The Rescue Attempt...I just happened to be flipping by and saw it on Fox News. I stopped and stood right in front of the t.v. My heart in my throat. It didn't look good. And then some beloved L.A. firefighter was dropped from a helicopter into a raging river.....to save a dog. Some people were emailing in coments questioning if L.A. firefighters had better things to do. I think not.