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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Signs O' The Season

I haven't left the house since Halloween Eve. And we needed food. So I got my sweater on...and headed out. And it's Christmas out there.
Went to Trader Jo's and got that cute rosemary topiary. The little ornaments on it I scored last year off ebay. And they are old. I just love them.I looked for something like that this year but so far, nothing. My friend at "Entertaing Mom" had the Thanksgiving Coffee from Starbucks this morning on her blog. So that was at the top of my list. I needed the cranberries and orange to make the cranberry bread tomorrow.And the kitty. He's just on there cause he is my big baby boy, Whiskey Sour.Isn't he cute? I think he is.


See that? Yep. Gray sky. The fog rolled in off of the Pacific last night. And just in the nick of time.These pictures were taken outside my upstairs bedroom window this morning about 7:30. So now I can stop complaining. And even though it's not raining...it's misty....misty enough to open the Martha Holiday Sweets magazine. And misty enough to play some Christmas music.

I'm in a good mood today. Going to go get the Thanksgiving coffee that's out at Starbucks. My friend from "Entertaining Mom" mentioned it on her blog.Going to go get cranberries to make some cranberry bread too. I got Red Plaid out and found Bessie's recipe. I think it is the same one that is on the back of the cranberry bag. I'll check and let you know.

So I am draining the wading pool. Putting the tank tops and flip flops back into the closet. Dumping the ice. Putting the sunscreen on the top shelf in the bathroom.Unplugged the fan last night and put in in the barn. (Buddy was glad to see it go.) And getting out the Kenny G. Christmas c.d. (Poor John, he no like-ee Kenny G. what guy does?)

So I'm back. Back to cooking and baking and building a fire. And really, it was just in the nick of time.Oh, and if you look really close in the last picture looking through my bedroom window. That is my neighbor on Church Street. That house is 104 years old. Isn't it adorable?