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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Signs O' The Season

I haven't left the house since Halloween Eve. And we needed food. So I got my sweater on...and headed out. And it's Christmas out there.
Went to Trader Jo's and got that cute rosemary topiary. The little ornaments on it I scored last year off ebay. And they are old. I just love them.I looked for something like that this year but so far, nothing. My friend at "Entertaing Mom" had the Thanksgiving Coffee from Starbucks this morning on her blog. So that was at the top of my list. I needed the cranberries and orange to make the cranberry bread tomorrow.And the kitty. He's just on there cause he is my big baby boy, Whiskey Sour.Isn't he cute? I think he is.


  1. whatcha makin' with those cranberries?

    I went to the store to get MS' Holiday Baking... or Holiday treats or whatever it is called and started flipping through the pages and realized that almost every recipe was reprinted from an earlier version. I did the wise thing and left it on the shelf. Now I have oodles and oodles of her books and magazines to peruse through!

  2. I haven't tried the Thanksgiving Coffee...is it good?

  3. You're in the Christmas spirit already I see. My son is watching a DVD called Silent Night at the moment and I wouldn't mind leafing through Christmas magazines. Nice ornaments.

  4. Oh that Rosemary topiary is giving me a big nostalgic pull to Heart's Ease. I see that bag of coffee is a marketing winner, how's it taste? And yes, Whisk is the sweetest kitty.

    donkey in the pines

  5. I forgot! Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  6. Yes, please do let us know how the Thanksgiving blend tastes. Do they sell it in whole beans? My husband loves their coffee and this blend may just be a nice morning surprise for him.Gotta make a call to the local Starbucks...
    Oh and I am so ever envious of the Rosemary topiary. I rarely see them in the local nursery.

  7. the Thanksgiving blend is disappointing to tell you the truth. I love strong coffee... but I found it a bit bitter. I won't let it go to waste tho!

    you've been tagged... btw!

  8. Whiskey Sour is indeed a beautiful cat.

  9. Already, the first signs of Christmas! Pretty soon, we'll be singing "Silver Bells"! I love this festive time of year.

  10. I really like the sound of your Cranberry bread . Some of that , a big mug of coffee and that lovely cat on your knee and there's no need to leave the house for days !


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