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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Does Anyone Know ?

does anyone know what these are ? it is RAINING out here in California...in JUNE and my lawn is covered in these... they must really love the rain...

wet brick...wet lawn...soggy...soggy....

teddy is not one bit HAPPY about this rain...

he REALLY wants to go out and play with mr. firepop...that's him there...amoung the mushrooms...

mommy is wearing long underwear and wool socks...with a cherry apron. where's Summer?


  1. It's overcast and on the cool side in Philly today too. I'll take it for now, I know it will be HOT and humid very soon! Happy Sunday:@)

  2. a mushroom of some kind...from the fungi family....don't you think ? they look so delicate...but really pretty cool !

  3. The shrooms look like little fey umbrellas! LOL

  4. They are beautiful mushrooms, and they will away. I'm glad you captured them for us.

    Tell Teddy the rain will go away. I sing to my babies when it's like that. The lawn still isn't covered from the bad winter we experienced.

    I love your patio. One of these days... we're going to redo ours. So much to be done...

    Love to you!

  5. I'd guess some kind of mushroom but I've never seen any like that, pretty.

  6. um. summer is here in HOT Texas! inching towards 100 again today!!!

  7. I'll send you some from here ;) it is too hot here! We need the rain so you can send that to us. Hope Teddy gets to go out soon!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Hi Kary,

    Hmmm, they look like mushrooms to me, but I couldn't tell you what type.

    Hopefully the rain will stop soon and you'll be able to play in the garden ~ and Teddy Too!

    I think it's warmer in Maine than Cali right now! Have a great Sunday!

  9. About 4 years ago at a yard sale, I found this old book that has pictures of everything in North America from mammals to mushrooms--Yours is in the book, and it's called, appropriately 'Japanese Parasol mushroom, and its scientific name is Coprinus plicatilis....It's a pretty little thing....

  10. Those little dainty shroons are so cute! But nothing beats Teddy...he's the cutest! :)

  11. Those mushrooms are so dainty and cute! I can tell you where summer is though- it's here! :)

  12. I think they are little umbrellas for the garden fairies, don't you.
    Showers may be annoying but the beauty that arrives after all the clouds have cleared make every drop tolerable.
    Enjoy the week.
    Susan x

  13. Hi Kary
    I thought they might be toad stools because of the new lawn you put in for Teddy. But I just read your comments and I see they are a Japanese mushroom. Hope the rain stops and you warm up a bit. Susan

  14. I love those mushrooms. We are either 50's or 90's so you never know to dress. this weekend just beautiful.

  15. Looks like an inside out mushroom to me! lol

    I hope that things dry out soon and that you and Teddy are graced with lots of warm sunshine!!!

  16. What unusual mushrooms indeed. They look like little umbrellas for the wee fairies and pixies.

    Ditto on the rain. We had quite a bit yesterday and this morning. It seems to have backed off now but I don't think it is over just yet for Northern Ca.

  17. We are having your summer up here in the Pacific NW, finally. I hear that your rain is moving up this way so it will be leaving you soon...Don't worry Teddy, the sun is coming back!

    It looks to be some sort of mushroom but I have never seen it before.

  18. In Kansas!! It has bee in the 90's here for too long already and we still have three more days of it. We can't have the rain either beacuse of flooding issues.
    I'll tell ya--Mother Nature needs to get out of her SNIT she is in.

    Take care and tell Teddy Hi!


  19. Sending sunshine your way Kary....and Teddy's way too!

  20. I see you got an answer to mushroom question already. Sooo I will just comment about how cute Teddy is! Hope it stops raining soon! xxoo Nancy

  21. We have some type of mushroom that pops up at times called the Fairy Ring because they usually form a circle. They are not that pretty and delicate though. I think,but I have not researched it, these grow where there has been a fruit tree in years past. It is really strange to see them when they do pop up out of nowhere,overnight.

  22. Mushrooms i would say and they look lovely!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  23. They seem to be a type of mushroom....they kinda look like little jellyfish to me :) I cannot believe this rain we are having here in California :( It will be sunny soon....poor Teddy! Xoxoxo

  24. Such cute little mushrooms! I hope they aren't poisonous. I always worry about my dogs eating the mushrooms that pop up in the yard around here but they never seem to be too interested in eating them thankfully!
    That teddy sure is a charmer!
    Love your patio and I sure hope you can shed that long underwear soon!
    Cathy G

  25. I think our BC rain turned right as it came across and ended up in California...and we got your California sunshine. Of course, the rain will find us again and the sunshine will beam down on you and all will be back to normal. Aren't you glad you got to see those sweet parasol mushrooms?

  26. Dearest Kary - raining here in good olde England too! So lovely to have you visit recently and happy you're back online - have missed you lots! We get these mushrooms in early Autumn - they look as though they've been turned inside out don't they? Poor little Teddy...Alice hates the rain too, stands at the open back door, just glowering at it!! Hope the sun comes out for you all soon! Much love to you xoxox Alice & Me

  27. Arent they the prettiest little mushroomy things? Almost fairylike!
    Its the same here today Kary - cold and wet - and Logan too would like to be out playing.
    I love that cute photo of Teddy - he's adorable!
    Will have a go at a collage of Logan and not forgetting Bessie our cat, maybe you could do one of your furry babies too!!
    Hope it clears up!

  28. Not our typical CA June, eh? The sun has got to come soon. Like Teddy my pug ladies, who hate getting their dainty paws wet, are missing the sun as well.

  29. They are kinda pretty lil mushrooms aren't they.I bet Mr. Teddy doesn't like the rain~Cheers Kim

  30. i want your weather!!!! i want to wear long underwear and socks. i am sitting in front of a fan as i type! we call those mushrooms fairy mushrooms!

  31. Those mushrooms look so delicate. I don't know what they are but I do no they do not belong in your yard in "sunny" CA. What is going on with our weather? It is rainy and cold here also. I'm sorry Teddy is stuck indoors hopefully this will stop soon. Have a good day. Lorrie

  32. good morning kary & teddy!
    whatever those mushrooms are - they like you!
    your socks and apron make me think something really good is about ready to be stirred up on your stovetop! snuggle in! a great day to you both!
    thank you for my wonderful birthday wishes!

  33. While it's true that summer has been elusive, my yard has never been happier. And it looks amazing which makes me happy!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  34. I think they are a mushroom too...Love the slippers bird!

  35. My, my! Look how big Teddy is these days! He's all grown up...been missing out on these things! Hope you're well! Those mushrooms are pretty but have no idea what types they are! xxx

  36. I also don't know what kind of mushrooms they are.
    They do make for a pretty picture though.
    Have you tried searching on Google?

  37. Cooee Kary, just popped over from Oz to say 'hi' and thanks for visiting my blog, lovely to hear from you.

    Those mushies are very interesting, never seen anything like them before. They're like mini umbrellas and the upturned ones are like flowers............

    Have had a lovely visit to your blog Kary, beautiful pictures, shall pop back another day to see what you've all been up too.........

    Claire :}

  38. Those are really neat! Are they mushrooms?

  39. Oh your little mushrooms are so delicate and sweet! Poor Mr. Teddy. I hope it had dried up by today so he can go play with his cute toys in the thick luscious lawn mommy put in just for him. Wishing you and Teddy a wonderful week full of sunshine!


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