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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A November Saturday Morning

the turkey from my childhood...it was ALWAYS on our Thanksgiving table...i don't have any idea how i have kept it for so long...move after move...house after house...it escaped packing boxes being thrown out by accident, it escaped being smashed, ripped to pieces or just plain old lost...grammy and grandpie had Thanksgiving every year at their house...and ALWAYS with the turkey in the middle of the table. and now it is on my table....it has survived 54 years...and i am grateful to have it....
somebody got a new bag of chewies yesterday...and this morning was like Christmas morning for Teddy...to tell you the truth..he had more fun with the bag..than the chewies...we let him have his way...he ripped into the bag and scattered them everywhere...but the green shopping bag was his MOST favorite..not the chewies. we don't care...just as long as Teddy is HAPPY.

a flat of red and white pansies to be planted by the kitchen door this afternoon.....

my old vintage Thanksgiving candle...and a few battered paper mache ones....they have seen a few bumps along the way....

last night as the sun sank, i played Christmas music and got out my collection of Steiff woodland animals and arranged them on the piano...with a few olive branches from my tree...more of this to come....

teddy waiting for mama this morning....

and waiting....my sweet little boy...

i got out my Garnet Hill grandma moses "going to grandma's house for thanksgiving" sheets yesterday.....so cozy and snuggly...

there is where Teddy sleeps...right in the middle....

wishing you all a wonderful November weekend...and sending love.


  1. Well this was a nice post to visit in the middle of a Saturday workday.

    Now i feel all cozy and happy and can go back to work with a smile on my face.

    Bet the flower arrangements will be prettier too:)

    Love those sheets.

    xo Jane ( and Nika who's working today too)

  2. have a great thanksgiving! love the dog upside down on the bed!

  3. Happy Saturday to you, dear friend! LOVE the Garnet Hill sheets and your woolly socks. xx

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. sounds warm and cozy at your house!

  5. What a sweet post. Have a lovely Thanksgiving too.

    Love those sheets, and Teddy is a real sweetie pie.


  6. I can't believe that turkey has survived for so many years! Amazing. And wonderful.

    I love Steiff animals - how lucky you are to have some!


  7. i am sooo loving the turkey and the sweet candles... i remember all of them - such fond memories... happy weekend sweetie... xx

  8. oh...what a great post. i love seeing teddy! he looks like he is enjoying the flannel sheets too! amazing that you have managed to keep that turkey in such good shape for all these years.

  9. Dearest Kary & "Sleeps in the Middle of the Bed Teddy",

    So happy to read your post. How fun to have gathered so many memory treasures. It was joy for me to see and read!

    Teddy Himself, is so precious. I love both pictures of him on the bed, but his upside down self is cute, cute, cute. He is a love!

    I adore the Grandma Moses sheets!

    Wishing you all a blessed and happy weekend!

    sending loves, magnolia

  10. That Teddy loves the camera! Duke sleeps right between us too, we call him the bar that makes the letter "H" on the bed! Love the story about your Thanksgiving Turkey, very sweet. Your Steiff animals are lovely!

  11. Your home looks so cozy and sweet. And that Teddy is beyond cute - he's a snuggle bunny!!
    Happy Weekend.

  12. Teddy is so cute. I bet he can not wait for Turkey Day. I love seeing your socks. I wear socks from October to June. I love them.

  13. Kary, Teddy is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen! I love your vintage turkey and candles ...such nostalgia! Your flannel sheets and warm socks are wonderful signs of late autumn.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Back at yah, Kary. Teddy on the bed is just too cute. My Bella sleeps on the bottom of our beds most nights too.

  15. Love your little Steiff collection! That owl and squirrel are just TOO cute!

    And Teddy....look at him showing off for you...he's a charmer, isn't he? :)

  16. Looks all homey and cozy... Pansies!! I won't be able to enjoy those again til next April... waaahhhh!

  17. What a nice collection! The Steiff squirrel looks so real. My goodness, Teddy is getting so big...what a cutie : ) Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. love that you've kept your childhood thanksgiving turkey decor. so sweet. and loving the bedding too.

    happy world kindness day. one love.

  19. If that turkey could talk!!!!

    LOVE those sheets :-}

  20. Hi Farmhouse Kitchen. I like your blog. I love the area where you live. I love your picture of Teddy on the bed on his back. I'm a doggie mommie too and love it. If you have a minute, come visit my blogs. I think you may enjoy.

  21. How wonderful that old Tom Turkey has survived all these years! He must be like a dear old friend that you're always glad to see.

  22. That sweet Teddy is such a cutie. I love all your holiday decorations, especially the survivor turkey.

  23. wow what a special Turkey...all those years on your table. I love those sheets...I think we should all treat ourselves to special Thanksgiving sheets...and Christmas sheets. What a great idea.

    Thanks for visiting me the other day...your sweet pup is adorable.

  24. It looks so wonderful at your house right now! I love you vintage Thanksgiving items. And Teddy....what a sweetie. My Jack Russell sleeps in the bed as well!

  25. Those Steiff animals...I miss and wish I had not given my Steiff toys to a step-cousin. Never to be seen again. Had I only known how valuable they would be. Not just because they are Steiff but because I had such tender memories of them. I adore stuffed animals at the toy store.

    Your Teddy is so cute! I like how in the photo he seems to be thinking "take one of me like this"....flannel sheets sound good these cool nights.

  26. I love your nostalgic Thanksgiving decorations! I must work on getting my stuff out this week! I did hand the autumn leaf wreath on my door, but I did not get around to painting the door which I had intended to do!
    Teddy looks quite at home and very happy! Have a great week!


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