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Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Horse Show Of The Year

Isn't she beautiful...she is the official barn cat out at Hidden Springs Farm in San Luis Obispo
this is my best-friend-since-we-were-ten-years-old daughter, Isabella. Danali is her horse. and he is a beauty.
molly, my dearest and oldest friend and i showed horses together as teenagers. and we LOVED it. we had the trainer and the whole deal. we traveled up and down the state of California..from the earl warren showgrounds in santa barbara to the cow palace in san francisco and everywhere in between showing our horses....and we had a ball.

molly's husband, greg is in charge of the bbq.and he does a great job. check out these offerings. all cooked over oak wood too....

another participant...all saddled up and ready to go...

that's Harley...the great dane. always looking for a piece of steak or chicken to come his way....

the big guy is KING...he is a gentle giant...and one of my favorite horses...well, they are all my favorite i guess. i have always loved horses and riding....just haven't done it much lately...maybe it's time to get back in the saddle....


  1. my goodness harley is a BEAUTIFUL dog!!! the horse of course is gorgeous but i have a soft spot for great danes :) hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  2. All the horses in the photos are gorgeous! I also like the smaller animals as well. I rode when I was a teenage, and then stopped.
    In some ways I regret not riding anymore, however, it became an expensive hobby.
    Happy Weekend to you, and thanks for sharing!

  3. I enjoyed all your pictures...great animal shots. And I'd love to sample the tri-tip!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Your barn cat is wonderful. Get back in the saddle. Don't give up things you love doing.

  5. Dear one's,

    Great post! Love Isabella, the horses, the cat and dogs! Wonder pics!

    I must check what is wrong with my Google Reader, your posts are not showing up! This is serious!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Happy weekend to you and Teddy Wonderful.

    xoxo, magnolia

  6. I love horses, too, Kary, though I grew up riding Wester, not English saddles. I haven't ridden since my back surgery when I was forty!

    I'm so glad to be home from the hospital..hate being a patient. Wrote a "hospital" poem on my blog yesterday.

  7. Almost forgot, I love the new photos in the sidebar!

  8. I love horses too, and the gorgeous Great Dane.

  9. More in common with us as I started riding as a child and showed too. I did gymkhanas and then did some Western Pleasure...but I found trail riding my true enjoyment. I haven't had a horse of my own since 2000 but horses are in my blood.

    Tri-Tip / BBQ go hand in hand down in San Luis!

    Loved the photos...makes me wish to have a horse again...someday.

  10. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog today, it brought me to yours! Beautiful horses and Teddy is adorable. Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Oh my goodness Harly is a big dog and so beautiful...
    I think Horses are so wonderful. growing up we only had ponies.. Dolly was a wonderful pony she would always listen to me when I talked to her.. I think horses/ponies are so sensitive to our needs ~ it's just like they know what we need.. The pictures you have of the horses are so beautiful...ta ta for now from Iowa

  12. Beautiful sweet animals...I've never been very fond of horses...maybe because I got bit by one when I was younger...? The sweet kitty is my favorite ^..^

  13. Great pics! The one with King nudging his buddy along made me laugh out loud. I have two pasture horses who I enjoy scratching, feeding and riding now and again. Your Dane is gorgeous!!! You look like you live in such a beautiful area, a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Thank you for sharing.

  14. They are all my favorite animals too. Looks like a great time full of nice people and memories too!

    Happy weekend, love your photos as always. Inspiring for my heart!

  15. such beauties...
    but I am happiest to read about your friend from chilhood and your adventures...lucky you
    truly lucky you...
    and that dog...oh my so adorable
    and i have a soft spot for any kitty
    thanks for sharing

  16. Looks like you had a nice day, and those animals are all beautiful! The older I get, the more I love animals . . . and your friend's daughter look like a doll! I'll bet you had a ball with your horses when you and Molly were kids! Have a great weekend!

  17. What beautiful horses. I bet you would have a ball riding again. The great dane is a beauty also. Oh and by the way the wine on my post was Cupcake Yum!!!!!

  18. I like the horses, but I adore Harley! What a handsome dog....and that bbq doesn't sound bad either.

  19. What lovely images...i love going to the stables. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  20. The horses are absolutely gorgeous! So much fun and happenings too!


  21. What a beautiful post! I grew up with horses and riding and this brought back many wonderful memories!! This looks like it was great fun! Love, Silke

  22. What gorgeous animals and a lovely day!

  23. geeze...how long has it been since i've ridden? i can't remember it has been so long. after all the years of riding, training, transporting them who would think there would be a time when i don't ride at all? great pics of those ponies!

  24. oh what a sweet cat...how fun that you got to spend your childhood riding....I always wished i had gotten into that. I have always loved horses. gorgeous pictures. thanks for sharing. have a great weekend. xxoo

  25. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like a great way to spend an afternoon! And the tri-tip meal for $10? What a deal!

  26. WOW, I am so envious of your riding abilities. I can barely hang on but I love them bunches, my fat pasture ornaments.

  27. That Dog is gorgeous and so are the photos.
    My Daughter- http://ReneeTellsAll.blogspot.com
    is just like you. She was into riding as a young girl and now her Daughter has been into riding also, she did the shows too.I am have a few Artists in the neighborhood over for Turkey.
    Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. Yvonne

  28. What beautiful animals! I absolutely love riding horses... wish I could do it more often!

  29. sounds like a fantastic day - i really must try a tri-tip

  30. I thought I had already commented but I must have been dreaming (about horses - or distracted)! I loved the story behind your post and also the photos.

    I had horses growing up but never road english saddle or showed. Just western saddle horse pleasure. Broke both wrists on my first Pinto, had an Arabian and a Quarter Horse.

    Pleasure to meet you and share a horsey moment ;)

  31. I had a wonderful time passing through the farm. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!


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