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Sunday, November 14, 2010


i went out yesterday looking for bird seed for my gold finches and some Christmas bulbs...
i got a giant amaryllis bulb called RED LION.....

i stuck it in this old cast iron urn...all i have to do now is fill it up with more gravel and water....

i got a sack of paperwhites...it just wouldn't be Christmas without these in the house...

i stopped by the GOODWILL store to see if the had anything vintage for Christmas...and came home with these cordial glasses...for a dollar.

found this cute cookie cutter at Cost Plus...

came home and got my Thanksgiving plate off the wall... i will use this as a serving dish...

got into the box of my old Christmas aprons and tablecloths..this is an apron..complete with red bells on it...

an old tablecloth...

another old tablecloth....looks like i might be doing some ironing....

and a jar of Stonewall Kitchen Sugar Plum Jam...sitting on my windowsill...waiting for buttered toast and tea....


  1. i so wish i was shopping around with you at cost plus. we could do real damage. i bought the cutest xmas stuff there last year.
    i have never heard of that jam. yummy!
    happy sunday, my dear friend.

  2. Oh I'm really looking forward to Christmas - wonderful shopping Kary.

  3. WOW... Now, that was one successful shopping trip. aDORe all you new vintage stuff.. very cool. So, glad to have popped by.

  4. You have the best stuff. The apron is my favorite but the table cloths come in at a close second. It seems a shame to cover that beautiful serving plate up with food. All of it is so charming. Stonewall also has a Holiday Jam that is delicious. Have a wonderful week!!

  5. OH you are such a good shopper
    love the vintage prints
    I havemy grnadmothers apron with santie on the front with bells on the hem
    love this post...so cozy

  6. I love the bulbs you bought, which will bring you such beauty soon, and your pretty table cloths.

  7. I haven't quite got round to doing anything about Christmas yet... a HECK of a lot of thinking but no doing... my date is the 3rd December and that's when i'll let loose!

  8. what a lovely lovely pictures! how are you dear one? we just got back home from our travels and I did hurried to say hi! hmmm xmas is behind the door, my son loves all about it and yes, we already started to decorate for it ... :-) happy week!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm paperwhites. i need to get some for my office window. great idea! love your linens too

  10. What a haul Kary and there's also something in your posts to whet one's appetite - today it's the plum jam and mention of toast and tea!

    Stunning amaryllis, but what are 'paper whites'? Best wishes. Lesley

  11. I love your tablecloth. My Mom has one just like it, and I'm going to ask her if I can use it for Christmas dinner.
    Your little shopping excursion looks like it was very successful. Have a great week! :)

  12. Dear Kary & Teddy Sweet Face,

    Oh happy day! The holidays are on the way. Preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas is so fun.

    How good you have holiday treasures from the past and are able to capture more goodies from Goodwill at such!

    Wonderful post of holiday anticipation!


    sending loves, magnolia

  13. Just found your fun blog and am so happy I did! I share your tastes and admire your clean and beautiful pictures/design. Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration. I'm ready to edit my blog and spruce up for Christmas (and make a cuppa tea)!

  14. I have a friend who buys me yummy items from Stonewall Kitchens and now I have a catalog! I think I may send some as Christmas gifts this year and I will look for that jam. It does sound so festive.
    I may have to head out to the nursery and find some bulbs. I was just washing lunch dishes and was thinking about forced bulbs. I haven't done any for the past 2 years. I love Amarylis..I love watching them grow so strong and fast! With children it is a great learning experience as well. They visually see it everyday and can measure it's growth. Paperwhites are great too but the scent can get strong (doesn't bother me)for my husband so I try not to over do.
    Your home is taking a holiday look on!

  15. this is such a fun post and has given me some lovely
    Christmas ideas. wish i had that darling santa apron.


    oh wait, i have one of my own! i will think of you when
    i wear it.


  16. That is one honkin' big amaryllis bulb!

  17. Thank you for the reminder that I really need to get to Cost Plus before it gets crazy, love that store and all the memories it brings back at this time of year. I'm with you on the Paper Whites. Going to try to find some Sugar Plum jam, so cute it's sitting on your windowsill just waiting away!
    Feels like home, love it!

  18. we don't have cost plus here. what are they? i need to get a jump on christmas. what does the sugar plum jam taste like? i used to have a set of those little bowls like the one sitting on top of your jam but i haven't seen them in ages. wonder where they disappeared to? i am feeling very festive now!

  19. Well, you have now inspried me to get some paperwhite bulbs. I have never had them in my home. I know....terrible!!

  20. Um, I love paper whites, they smell wonderful and are so fresh in the midst of winter.

  21. I love to plant amaryllis and paperwhites for the holidays!

  22. I, too am a fan of forcing paperwhites. I adore how they look but especially how they smell when they bloom. Love amaryllis too. Your red lion is going to be gorgeous!

  23. oh boy, those cordials!
    Do I see some Grand Mariner in your future?
    donkey in the pines

  24. My, you have been busy.
    All of your goodies look wonderful.

    Happy Monday!


  25. You are really getting into the holiday season. Love, Love your apron. Maybe I'll get inspired now and not be rushing around like I normally do.

    Have a great week!

  26. I am missing my French garden, wish I had somewhere to plant some bulbs!! Diane

  27. Sending a sweet hello to my friend Kary! Thanks for stopping by my 'magazine' post and leaving such a nice comment - I think that we are indeed kindred spirits. I love to go out this time of year and collect all sorts of goodies, especially at bargain prices. What memories came to mind when you took out your vintage tablecloths and apron? So many images flood my brain whenever I pull out my Christmas things. Give Teddy a scratch behind his ears for me. Ciao, bella!

  28. I have three amaryllis bulbs on a small table by my computer that are starting to sprout. I do so hope they make an appearance by Christmas. :)

  29. great finds. I need to purchase some paper whites now too. I hate when I start them to late. : )
    Happy Monday.

  30. You always have such lovely things and know how to make the best of the holidays. I loved your tablecloths and apron.

  31. Is there anything better than finding beautiful vintage items in a thrift store? Those glasses are so pretty! Last year I found a gorgeous vintage etched decanter for a few dollars at our local thrift store. So much fun!

    I love your platter and linens!

  32. Oh what a fun day! Great finds.........I am trying to get in the mood these days hard though just trying to keep up with all my family.~Cheers Kim

  33. You are inspiring me to find new decorations, get out the old ones and find some great treasures!! Love those cordial glasses you found!! Love, Silke

  34. I really love everything you have here!! So cute!


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