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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coming Back

I have been gone so long I can't even remember how to do this. First of all...thanks to all of you who hung in there with me and checked in even though I had checked out. The loss of Buddy just about took me out and here we are ...heading into the 4th of July...and I am just now feeling back to me...don't get me wrong..little Teddy is a delight and we LOVE and ADORE him and he has brought back life to this quiet and sad house...

so..it's a NEW DAY...

I am looking forward to the 4th of July and the rest of the Summer.

I will be updating pictures of little Teddy and all other going's on here at Farmhouse...

Sending Love To You All

Kary and Teddy


  1. i lost my little poodle a few weeks ago and its been terribly hard for me to get over. i hope your new boy is helping to ease your pain.

  2. Yippee! Yahoo! Welcome back.

    You have been missed. By millions I reckon.

    Look forward to pictures and beautiful prose and maybe a slice of pastry.

    XOXO Jane

  3. still thinking of you and will wait until you come back.

  4. Hey!

    Is the fourth really around the bend?
    Time to dig out all the flags......
    and brush off the BBQ
    donkey in the pines

  5. Welcome Back! I can't wait to see what you have been up to in the kitchen and of course pictures of sweet Teddy!

  6. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I can't wait to see some pictures and hear the happenings from the farmhouse!
    missed you.
    Happy 4th and happy Summer!!!

  7. Dear Kary,

    Welcome back, my friend. I well know what you have been going through, and also know that there is no timeline on grief.

    Can't wait to see more photos of Teddy.


  8. Kary, nice to hear from you! I miss your recipes

  9. Me and Louie will be here waiting!
    We are so glad you have Teddy to love and to love you back!
    Did I ever tell you that Louie's real name is Louis as in Louis Vuitton! So it comes out sounding like Louie but with a French sound to it...someday I'll tell you his middle name! LOL!

  10. yay - so glad to hear from you

  11. Not to worry. When I lost my Lilly Ann (profile photo), I cryed off and on for over a year.

  12. Whoo hoo, Kary! I got to meet your buddy, Sharon Lovejoy! It was like I have known her for years! Glad Teddy has made you feel better! xxoo Nancy

  13. So glad you are back.

  14. Well, well, it's good to know that you are
    still on the planet. I knew you would surface
    one of these days, once you'd had a little
    time to heal and snuggle with Teddy.

    You've been missed.

  15. I didn't contact you because I felt you needed a time period between Buddy and Teddy. I am glad you took it. And I am also glad you are back! I'll be looking out for you, my friend.

  16. hehehe...there you are. why do i think teddy is about to become a blog star???? welcome back my friend!

  17. Glad to see you here!
    Take Care!

  18. Welcome Back Kary!
    Looking forward to more photos of Teddy and a Happy 4th weekend to you!

  19. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! You sound wonderful Kary - have a wonderful fourth of July! Looking forward to seeing those new pics of dear little Teddy!
    Ciao, bella!!

  20. It is really nice to have you back :)

  21. Darling Kary & sweet Teddy, wecoming you back to Blogland and all who love you here, there and everywhere! With love, Rachel & Alice xoxo

  22. I am so glad you decided to come back! I know what it's like when you've been away for a while, and there's just something stopping you from posting again. Glad you did it now :)
    I've missed you and thought about you often.

    Sending love,


  23. I have certainly missed you! :)

  24. Kary..it takes time to get over a loss. I'm just glad you are feeling a little more healed these days. (((hugs))) I have missed you around here! xx

  25. I am new to your blog and enjoyed it very much. I understand too well about the loss of a pet and you have my sympathy.

    Your farmhouse is lovely and your cooking credentials very impressive.

  26. Glad that you're staying positive Kary. x


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