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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Around the Farmhouse

Little Teddy just woke up from his nap and I caught this before he started ripping around. He loves that old blankie too. He turned 5 months on Tuesday. Look at that little gumdrop nose !
My lemon squares without the powdered sugar... they sure make the kitchen smell good. I got lucky and got a big bag of Meyer lemons from my father-in-laws tree. I have been making ALOT of lemon squares.
There it is. My sweet Buddy memorial. I keep his box of ashes on the top of my piano. He used to love to lay there on the back of the couch while I played the piano. (Now I am crying...again).I think he liked the music. Good thing he did..nobody else does. The little pink blankie I made the day after he died. I keep flowers in that little vase at all times. The vase is one made by my dear friend Julie of Julie Whitmore pottery. I am using the one with cherries on it for summer. I change it with the seasons. I keep the heart shaped rock at the base. It is a rock we collected while walking on the beach last winter after a storm. Buddy walked all the way down the beach that day, but I had to carry him back. He just couldn't make it. I knew something was wrong then. Deep down you just know.I keep a little sprig of rosemary ( for remembrance) tucked in. I sure miss that little guy. Thank God for Teddy.

I put this little hand crocheted tablecloth down on my farm table this morning. It has strawberries on it and was recently given to me by my sweet sister-in-law, Julie.
It is kind of hard to see...but on the tiny pedestal is a little pear. I saw it at the farmstand the other day and had to have it..cause you know what pears mean !


  1. Well, "Teddy Pumpkin" looks wonderful!

    A very nice memorial for dear "Buddy Loves".

    Wishing y'all a great and happy Fourth of July!


  2. You are going to be fine ...

    We have three of my beloved dogs on the shelf. My daughter, who was nine at the time, left a note to her dog. We still have it on her box. I have three boxes on my shelf. They will stay there as long as I am here. I so know how you feel ...

    I so loved my dogs and although I now have my two girls, I will never ever forget who came before ...

    Now go pet that cute puppy of yours and tell him all about his previous friends ...

  3. I keep my Winston's ashes in my hutch, along with his leash. Your photo struck a chord with me as it is much like our little memorial.


  4. Good to see you bsck--
    Your pup is way too cute!


  5. Your new little guy is so sweet and you have a grand memorial for Buddy. The table cloth with strawberries is way cute.

  6. OK, Now I'm all teary....I have had so many rescues over the years that I finally created a little pet cemetery out in my garden....but my Maddie, Boo and Lulu are in special spots in the house. I want my Maddies ashes mixed with mine and then scattered together...

    I love that little moment when the puppies first wake up! so sleepy and then a ball of energy!

  7. It is so honorable that you have a memorial table for Buddy. He deserves it.

    Love your tablecloth. But I don't know what the symbolism is for pears. Please enlighten!
    Thanks. :)

  8. Beautiful table cloth! I love puppies...everything about them!

  9. a very sweet memorial. and teddy is just so adorable.

  10. A big warm hug,
    with heartfelt wishes
    for a good Fourth of July weekend,

  11. Oh Kary,
    I had to laugh, that is Owen too, one moment an angel, the next a maniac, hahaha. He has brought so much joy to our lives too.

    I'm glad to see you back, and looking forward to hearing about the adventures of Teddy!

    ♥ lori
    p.s. LOVE lemon bars and Julies pottery.

  12. I am pleased to read that the sun is beginning to shine once more for you, how could it not with that adorable little fellow with the gumdrop nose!

  13. hello my dear friend! teddy is adorable, so very cute!
    i love your lemon squares too!
    have a sweet day,

  14. It's hard not to feel moved by this post.. I love how the blanket hugs the drawing of Buddy...

  15. Hugs to you and Teddy! That's a great little memorial that you have for Buddy. I know it has been a struggle.
    The table looks pretty!! Love the scarf.
    Have a happy 4th weekend

  16. Lovely post and nice memorial to Teddy and Buddy looks like a good friend. The tablecloth is sweet and the lemon squares make me wish I had some...yummolicious!

  17. Your memorial to Buddy is wonderful. I love how he used to lounge on the piano while you played... And Teddy is pretty darn cute. I'd be lost without my pug ladies, Cleo and Winnie.

  18. Lemon bars are one of my favorite. I only get them from my aunt who lives in Scottsdale. I've never been able to figure out how to make them. Love the picture of darling Teddy!

  19. I've come back to read and gaze several times. Now it's time to comment. Guess I was afraid I had dreamt you were back posting!

    Glad your love for Buddy is still burning strong. Takes a long time to recover from the loss of a family member.

    Someday we'll be sitting around that table, munching lemon squares and laughing and crying .

    Happy 4th!

  20. well teddy looks like he's just making himself right at home!! what a nice little memorial for buddy, i love that you put him where his favorite spot was...how sweet.

    i can almost smell your lemon bars through the screen...yum!! hope all is well in the farmhouse, take care!!
    steph & rox :)

  21. Teddy is too cute for words! Wish I had a lemon bar now, but I just had some really good cherries. A better choice for now! xxoo Nancy

  22. I have 3 meyer lemon tree's growing inside. They are just 1 year, but with Meyer's, they start producing in the next year. More & more to harvest with each year. Man..i want lemon bars now...

  23. This post made me cry as well... ♥ I can't even imagine the devastation you must feel. But I'm so happy that you have Teddy to love and take care of now *hugs*

  24. Oh Kary, just lovely to see around your beautiful home and Buddy's special place (outside your heart that is) And little sweet Teddy, what an angel! Loved it all. Wishing you a happy holiday weekend, with our love - Alice & Rachel xox

  25. Found your blog by way of Lemon Verbena Lady - was touched by your writings about Buddy. We have shelties & my "Dutch" has been gone for a few years now...not a day goes by that I don't think of her sweet face. She is by our raised garden beds near the Sugar Snap Peas - her favorite.
    Your photos are so lovely and I look forward to visiting again. Your Teddy is a dear one!

  26. The lemon squares look devine!

    Keeping Buddy close to the piano..that is just too sweet. :)

    Teddy is adorable laying there like that! :)

  27. Happy 5th month birthday to your baby!!! What a doll! Sending you love and hugs, sweet friend. Visiting you is always such a comforting treat. :)

  28. What a nice memorial for Buddy...hope you are doing well...Little Teddy is adorable : )

  29. awww bless you...you have such a loving heart...it makes me so happy to know there are really good people out there in the world...xxx


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