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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simple and Sweet

First off...remember those old cake toppers that they put on cakes way back when.Bakeries like "Delight" and "Carlocks" and "The Cream Puff" always had them on the cakes at Christmas. I love them. I started collecting them years ago...The Santa and his sleigh was always my favorite one. I like to line them up in my kitchen window at Christmastime...

In Cambria there is Hospitality Night. This year it is tomorrow night.We're not going, but John works in Cambria and asked me to make some cupcakes for it. It is the night when all the local businesses are open...they light the town tree, Santa and Mrs. Claus wander the village, they have caroling,all the shops are open and offer treats and hot cider but my favorite is the live nativity...One year they had a baby camel. Julie and I must have gone by and checked that out about every 5 minutes. He was so cute, we just couldn't get enough of him...

So this morning I decided to make some simple, plain white cupcakes....


  1. I love a live crib ! A gangly baby camel would be perfect .

  2. Kary,

    The snowy cupcakes are divine. How lucky are the townspeople of Cambria to have these treats to look forward to.

    Yes, the Christmas Tea was lovely.

    It is cold here in Carmel. I'm glad I have my woollie mittens.



  3. There's nothing quite like a cupcake. All that goodness and sweetness that is yours only! Cupcakes baked for special are like little treasures and no two can be alike!

  4. That was a fun night. Um, I remember too, a wine bar was involved, and we felt alot warmer afterwards.....

    donkey in the pines

  5. I love white cake and maybe a little coconut or A LOT of coconut!

  6. Your cupcakes are so pretty! I'm sorry you're going to miss Hospitality Night. It sounds like fun.

  7. They look so cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Your cupcakes look so festive and yummy! Love the santa cake topper, too!

  9. *SIGH* Cupcakes with white frosting...let's just say it out loud, we are long-lost sisters! These look so pretty, and mouth-watering. I rarely make cupcakes, because I end up giving my husband one or two and then eating the remaining 10.
    I am so glad to know a fellow happy homemaker....thank goodness for blogs, and blog sisters, because I think homemaking was a bit lonely before them!
    A kiss for you, a hug for John, and a snuggle for Buddy,

  10. I like the way your cupcakes turned out.
    I'd love to see a small camel, considering how large they are as adults.

  11. Hello!Nice to meet you.You have a beautiful blog here.And those cup cakes!Well I wish I had one right now!Thank you for stopping by at my place.I'll be following you too.Talk to you later!:)

  12. You're making me wish I was in Cambria! Between an entire night devoted to hospitality and your cupcakes I am very jealous.

  13. i love the snowy cupcakes! all your pictures here are as usual just lovely!
    have a very sweet day!

  14. i adore your pretty little cupcakes and also your irish chain quilt on the wall...so pretty! makes a farmhouse kitchen complete indeed!
    happy sunday


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