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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Light-December 1st

It was frosty rooftops here this morning on our walk with Buddy so it got me in the mood to do some Christmas decorating. I got out the red windowpane tablecloth that I got at an antique shop up in Paso Robles with Sharon years ago. I love how it looks with the red quilt hanging on the wall behind it.I prefer getting my Christmas decorations up See Canyon...pine boughs, berries, walnuts, acorns...nature... really try to keep a Maine Woodland theme here. I like the quiet of Christmas. I am really not an up-at-3-in-the-morning-looking-for-a-bargain-type person.I like the way the sun turns red as it sinks low in the west late in the afternoon...and the way the moon looks as it rises up over Terrace Hill in the east. Big and bright and white against the purple-blue December sky.

John and I come in the gate at Farmhouse ,gather firewood from under the apple trees and come inside to build a fire in "little woodstove." We light our candles, put on some Christmas music and start our supper.Tonight I am making Mushroom, Leek & Pine Nut Tagliatelle out of my Chez Panisse Pasta Cookbook by Alice Waters...

If it's good, I'll post the recipe tomorrow....hoping for better luck than I had the other night....oh and yeah...those are all cookbooks..and that's only half of it.....


  1. Your decorations are lovely - so friendly and warm.
    I am sure your dinner meal will turn out just fine. Bon Apetit! :)

  2. wow that is quite the collection of cookbooks!! impressive! love your decor, so festive :)

  3. I love the red and white quilt on the wall. It looks so cozy and your description of your evening sounds so cheerful and warm. It makes one want to tuck in and stay a while. I'm anxious to hear about the recipe.

  4. Oh Kary, we are so much alike. I never get into the shopping hype. I like baking cookies, jarring lemon curd, and ordering books off of the internet for gifts, and perusing little shops to support the local businesses. Yes, a quiet, creative Christmas with lots of candle light is best.
    I LOVE that little Christmas tree of yours, and the red and white checked quilt in the back...so simple and beautiful!
    Lovely post.

  5. Agreed...Christmas is all about the festive decorations, parties and food rather than the shopping if you ask me. Your decorations look so fabulous! Good luck with the pasta...

  6. Hey, we had frost on the car windshields this morning! First time this fall.
    Everything looks great. I always like a red and white holiday theme.
    I agree about the shopping. I was so much happier driving home from work and seeing that beautiful bright moon tonight, than I could be with a shopping cart full of gadgets.

  7. A little bit of natural goes so much farther than a whole lot of store bought. I like it!

  8. I like what Country Girl said about supporting small local businesses. I'm doing that this Christmas too. And the tree on the table........
    well, it is a definate swooner.
    donkey in the Christmas pines

  9. its me again. I think i spelled definite incorrectly. Now am i redeemed?


  10. I love your warm and cozy decorations....I started pulling out mine-I have a snowman collection, among other things and realized I really don't need all this stuff in my house--what is the real meaning of Christmas, it's not flashy lights and glitz-it's that feeling of quiet you describe- I hope I can attain that this year.

  11. Can't wait to see if it's "post worthy!"

    I love your apples and evergreen table display. We are getting our tree and evergreen clippings this weekend. I can't wait!

  12. I love your blog from the candy cup garland to your table display. I found your blog via Tomatoes on a Vine. I have become a follower. I love to share recipes and ideas. Come by and visit my blog maybe you can do the same.

  13. Love the table decorations--sooooo cute.
    Was reading some of your past posts and
    ran into the candy cup garland--love it!
    May need to borrow it. :)


  14. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. So pretty in a simple/lovely sort of way :)

  15. Lovely photos ...so cheery! What a fun time I had at Mr. Toast's tea and it was so great meeting you!

  16. So lovely decorations, Kary :)
    I loved the little owl ! So cute !

    Have a beautiful December !!!


  17. Kary,

    Thank you so much for stopping in at "Blasts From the Past" and for following along. (I've been neglectful of that blog of late.) Please check out my main blog, "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" - that's where all the action is!

    Yes, I'm a real cat-lover, but I'm also a food-lover as well, so I will be checking you out often.


  18. you describe things so well and intimately. Very cozy indeed. i enjoyed this post very much, as did I having you as a guest--a very lovely one too. I caught your name on Firelight's site but forgot what you wrote already. Kary? something like that. Well, anyway, thanks again, dear blog fried.


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