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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cozy Morning

Whiskey Sour has got it pretty good around here. He sleeps between John and me every night. Sometimes he is on his back with his head on the pillow and paws over the top sheet. We look like 3 kittens all sleeping in a row...Dandelion comes and goes..she is more interested in the outdoor cats...so she is patroling the doors downstairs...and Buddy..well, he is curled up right in the middle of it all....

Sweet Dreams here at Farmhouse....


  1. Ahh he is beautiful :) Love animals and the joy they bring to our lives, and hopefully we bring joy to theirs too?!
    Love Morwenna xo

  2. Our cat is name Zach. He is 7 months young, and into everything. Our other cat Leo passed away last May. They do bring joy to our hearts.

  3. Oh! My! Gosh! What a cutie! Our little girl sleeps under the covers with us too! How spoiled is that! (We're old though and can get away with it...!)

  4. I love the names you have picked for your pets. And Whiskey Sour looks like a sweetie!

  5. That picture is adorable! Our cat is getting to be quite old, so he doesn't jump up on the bed (or much of anything) anymore. He used to sleep on our bed, but now he sleeps in the basement near the furnace. I guess he likes the warmth.


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